Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My son who needs a haircut
That man is supposed to be one of the Lewis and Clark discoverers that discovered the north west. The entire hayride was turned into a history lesson also

These were the dancing scarecrows we saw on the hayride

That is one of the barns in the background, it looks like it's on fire but it was just lit up and they had craft projects for the kids inside. Notice the mountains in the background, the river also runs along side of the farm

Katie, Ian and Avery having cookies and hot apple cider

Avery and her friend Haley, see the old house in the background

We went to the haunted hayride last night and the kids had fun. I didn't realize that it was only ten minutes from my house and we left early so once we got there we had alot of time to kill. It was dark so I didn't get to get really good pictures or see all the farm has to offer.

I have been in this town for three years and there is so much that I haven't seen yet.

So far this morning I went to the laundry mat, car wash, dollar store and burger king:) Now I will read my friends posts from today, I usually do that as soon as I wake up and tend to the animals but I went right to the laundry after dropping Ave off at school. Have a nice day Ladies!!!



Peggy said...

That looks like lots of fun! I miss having any kids to take to things like that and feel funny going alone. Yes, if the door happens to be open a goat will come inside looking for me or a cookie. LOL

T said...

Aw, that looks like all of you had a great time.

You also sound like you started your day off right, chores done first.

Hope the rest of your day goes well.

Shirla said...

Love the pics, looks like everyone had a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of spooky fun.
As for the dance...oh yea Nana can still shake this thang =)

Anonymous said...

You are on the ball! thanks..im sure extras will come your WAY =0

Julieann said...

What a wonderful time---I loved all the pictures:) I am doing laundry too---(aren't we always...LOL)

Have a lovely evening!


Sharon said...

It looks like a really fun evening! I think it is so much fun to do things like that!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my son's wedding! We had such a great time and now they are starting their life together!

Have a great day!


Celticspirit said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! Great pictures.