Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my bedroom set

So I called the lovely people at Ashley Furniture t inquire about my bedroom set. They told me that it is not scheduled to be delivered until June. Can you believe that. When I purchased the set I was told 2 to 3 weeks. We don't want to wait any longer so they offered us the show room set with a 5% discount and delivery tomorrow. I accepted after going there and inspecting it for any dings or scratches. So it will be delivered tomorrow morning. I also took Ian to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. Now I need to spend the rest of the day emptying out my bedroom. Fun, fun,fun:) Have a happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What have I done?

Look what I did, I shaved a huge chunk of skin off of my leg 2 days ago. It is still bleeding. I have never shaved my skin off before. I took my other dog to the vet yesterday for her check up and she is healthy. She wont be needing her teeth cleaned yet. Yesterday I noticed a new litter of kittens across the street under another building. All the homeless cats live under this building, it drives me crazy. I need to catch these babies and their mom. I probably wont be able to, they run if you approach them.
Avery hurt her back at church yesterday so she will be staying home today. I have a few errands to do today so she will have to come with me. She has a decent size bruise on her back.
I also need to call on my bedroom set. They said 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and today is day 18 and still no one has called to arrange delivery. Have a good day today everyone:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Justin took me to breakfast because I complain so much that he doesn't take me anywhere. We went to a cafe that has been here since 1947, the food was excellent. He was getting upset and embarrassed because I was taking pictures.
my plate of food:)

These are my dogs guarding Haley, I babysit Haley 5 days a week

I cut the boy dolls hair, he is Troy from High School Musical and he needed a haircut

she is mad at me because I put her hair in a bun

This was taken at the church egg hunt
I still have to upload my pictures from my camera, these all were taken with my cell phone.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Chat

Sorry I didn't post again yesterday, I went to the doctors after dropping Biscuit off at his appointment to have a mole checked out and they ended up removing it. The stuff they used to numb me made me very sick. Like dizzy and nauseous. I asked the vet to look at a lump that biscuit has and we agreed to have it removed and checked just to be on the safe side. He will have that done on May 6th when he is having his teeth cleaned. Im feeling better from this cold today. Yesterday when Ave came home from school she told me that there was a dead cat with nails in it's neck by her bus stop. I saw it earlier but thought it was a stuffed animal. I didn't pay much attention to what Ave said until my son called upset asking me to report it to the police and have animal control pick it up. So I called the non-emergency dispatch and reported it she would send someone in the morning. This morning I had Ave get out of the truck when I was taking her to school and check if it was a cat. It turns out it was a stuffed dog with nails in the neck. A cruel joke Im sure. So I called the animal control and told them, they had someone on the scene when I was returning from dropping Ave off. I apologized for the false report , he just laughed. Some teenagers probably thought it was real funny. I didn't.
On May 27th we will be driving 500 miles to see are family in Sacramento and in Oroville, CA
We only can afford to make this trip once a year so Im excited. Next year we are planning a cruise to Alaska with my sister and her husband, then maybe just a weekend in Sacramento.
I think thats all I had to talk about today. I coming to visit you all and catch up. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Im back:)

Sorry I have not been posting, Justin hog's the computer when he is home. My son turned 17 on Monday. I cant believe I have a 17 year old in the house. Justin brought home a gift for me, foreign germs. He gave me his cold from Utah so I have been sick. I have to take my dog Biscuit to the vet this morning so they can just do a check up and vaccines. We will be going on vacation at the end of May and the dogs have to be kenneled:( I took Justin back to work yesterday, we had a good visit. Tuesday night he said" I don't know why but I didn't feel like drinking this time" I know why, because that's what I prayed for:) I have to go for now but will be back later to post more:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yay it's Friday!!!

The party was a success:) The kids had fun and everyone was blessed and happy. It stayed sunny and nice outside yesterday, today it is raining. I will post pictures once I get time to upload them. Right now Justin is going to take me out to breakfast then we have to go to the home improvement store to get supplies for the work he has to do in the other units. We will stop at walmart too. Have a fun Friday:)))

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's have a party!!

Thanks for all your advise. I am in agreement with all of you. Justin doesn't know anything about parties. I will go buy one more prize today before the party. Justin has to report for jury duty this morning, he is going to try and get it deferred, he has way to much work around here to do. I will take lots of pictures today at the kids party. Lets hope it does not rain. Have a wonderful day today!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this and that Wednesday chat

I need your opinions. Do you think Avery should be allowed to win prizes with the games being played at her party? I don't think she does but Justin thinks any kid that plays and wins should get a prize even if she is the birthday girl and even if she has already won a prize. I have 3 games to play and three prizes but there will be a total of 5 girls including Avery. I don't want any girls to feel sad if they don't get a prize. No girl will go home empty handed, they all get the goodies in the pinata and we are making bookmarks with those foam pads and stickers and they get bubbles and a Hannah Montana place mat or Highschool musical. So should I exclude Ave from winning or should I just buy more prizes? I stress over the silliest things don't I?
I still didn't get any housework done yesterday, I had management work to do:(
Justin delivers tonight at 9pm in Oregon City, that's north about 120 miles, so I will be doing late night driving. I don't like that because I cant see well at night and I will be tired. I will have to try and take a nap today but probably wont be able to. I have to go do laundry, but since it is late start and I have about 45 minutes before the kids get up I better get started on the cleaning. happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

one more day:)

I couldnt figure out how to rotate these, they shoul be sideways

I picked up their pictures yesterday, how do they look?

Finally tomorrow my DH will be home. It's been to long. I have seen him one day since February 20th. I feel bad because he has so much to do when he comes home. Maybe that's a blessing, less time for him to drink right? Guess what it's been snowing all morning. What ever happen to global warming? Avery says thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes. She had a nice birthday. I met her at school with balloons, even one for her teacher. They share the same birthday. After that I took her and three friends to have a sundae at Baskin Robbins. We came home and waited for the UPS who was delivering her birthday card from g-ma and g-pa. They sent her a 100 dollar visa gift card so I took her to toys r us and then to build a bear. She will have to wait until her party on Thursday for her presents from us. I ended up only shopping yesterday. Justin bought me a new tv for our bedroom., a 19 inch flat screen vizio. It will look nice with our new bedroom set. I have alot of work to do today and I get to do enjoying the beauty of the snow. have wonderful Tuesday!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Today my daughter is 9 years old. Kids grow up so fast. When I pick her up from school today I will have a bouquet of balloons for her then take her and 3 friends to get ice cream at Baskin Robbins. We had to postpone their party to Thursday instead of Wednesday. Justin is running behind on getting home. I bought and filled a pinata for the party and then realized all the trees in my backyard are tall pine trees with no branches to loop the rope. What am I supposed to do now with a pinata. I guess my son will be climbing the ladder. I have housework to do today and I'm waiting on the UPS man. better get to work:) have great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to all my blogging friends. Yay Jesus lives :))) I took this picture on our way to church service this morning. We watched the choir and enjoyed a beautiful service. Then we came home and I hid eggs for Avery. She has been telling me stories from the bible and we ate together. It is just Avery and I today, that's okay though we needed the time together. Tomorrow is her birthday, she will be 9. Have a blessed Easter day!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Yesterday I took Avery and another little girl scout to the retirement place where they decorated eggs. Then we shopped until 4 and returned to find the eggs. The seniors hid them for the girls. This morning we are going to the church to an Easter egg hunt. We need to decorate our own eggs still. Tomorrow we will go to church then come home and Ian will hide eggs for Avery. We wont be having a fancy Easter dinner, we will wait for that until Justin comes home. Tomorrow I decided on just making a pot of beans and ham with some fried potato's and deviled eggs. I'm going to try and make a jello cake too. This upcoming week is going to be so busy. I decided on celebrating my both my kids birthdays on Wednesday, Ian's is the 20th and Ave's is the 13th. I cant really afford two separate birthdays so i just combine them. Ian's theme is Pirates and Aves is Highschool musical. They have separate cakes but the decorations will just have to match the best that I can. Normally we just have a low key family celebration but Avery is inviting 4 friends this year so I have been buying games to play and prizes. I'm having fun:) We will have pizza, play games break the pinata and then cake and ice cream. Nothing to spectacular. Okay I better get ready to go to the Easter egg hunt. have blessed day!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brendas giveaway

My sweet friend Brenda over at a country romance ( click on her name on my sidebar) is having a spring giveaway. She lost her old blog address and is trying to find some of her dear blogging friends that were lost in the move. She also loves to make new blogging friends so jump on over and enter to win and tell her Dana sent you:) Thank you everyone for all your encouraging words, I really do mean that and I listen to everything you all say. As soon as I posted yesterday I started to feel better. I just had to get some of those thoughts out of my head. Have a wonderful day to day:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Is that how you type a scream. Raaaaaaa. That's how I feel. Im so full of anxiety. This man is driving me crazy!! I know I'm letting him and alot of what Im feeling I also know are overreactions. I just got the crazy's right now and I hope today is the last day. I failed the first dare from the Love Dare book yesterday and also today already I failed it again:) In my own defense I am just reacting to him!
Two days ago on the local news they announced that people on welfare were getting a 14% increase in their foodstamps, last night on the news they announced that the schools in my district were getting out 5 days early due to budget cuts. Can someone tell me where the logic in that is. On Sunday night a man went to the mall here in town and went in to sit down and watch a movie. He shot himself in the head in the theater with other people around watching the movie. What's wrong with this world and the people in it! I can hardly watch the news anymore.
Thanks for listening to my ranting and raving. Im really not like this very often and Im actually laughing as I type:) I think I will spend the day cooking and baking. Now I just have to decide on what it is I will cook. Have a happy Wednesday:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks for our money back:)

The sate of Oregon was kind enough to return some of Justin's hard earned money were still waiting for the big one:) Justin let me buy this bedroom set. It takes a few weeks to be delivered so this picture is from the showroom. It also has a night stand. That's where I have been for the past few days. Shopping:) I also bought a memory foam mattress top from Costco. I love it. No more achy back in the morning. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I just cant stand it when he is off drinking away from home. My anxiety level was through the roof yesterday. I thought if I went shopping it would take my mind off it but I couldn't get in the mood to shop so I came home and ate cake:( I am totally an emotional eater and I need to get some help for that. Being the wife of a truck driver who stays gone for weeks at a time is a lonely life and at times it gets really tough.
Have any of you seen the movie "Fireproof" it is an excellent movie, I suggest watching it ASAP. I am doing the follow up to the movie, it's called the "Love Dare" it is a guide book that happens in 40 days, each day is a new "dare" and a new lesson all revolving around love and kindness. Today I am on the first dare and it is to practice patience and hold my tongue and say nothing negative to my spouse at all even if the temptation arises. Everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. ( James1:19) My Monday night women's bible group is doing this as a group but only one dare a week. I'm going to do it in 40 days like the book suggests.
I hope it helps.

Friday, April 3, 2009

psycho cats

12 more days to go

My sleeping beauty wake up Mia

My son made this bow during spring break, he also sharpened arrows that he made and he made a blow dart gun. Everything even worked.

So my countdown has began. I know he is so ready to come home. He has been a bit grumpy, that usually indicates that he is getting burnt out being on the road. I'm going to go to the laundry mat this morning, that's always fun:) Yesterday I bought Avery some gold shoes to match her Easter dress. They didn't fit so after school we will return them and find a pair that does fit. Later on this afternoon i have to remove the damaged carpet and dry wall in the upstairs unit where the water heater busted. Tomorrow I will do the same to the downstairs unit. Have I ever done this before? No. Do I know what I'm doing? No. It has to be done so I have no choice but to follow Justin's instructions and get it done. I'm not very handy when it comes to what I think is "mans" work. When Justin returns home he will do the rest of the work. Our rent for may will probably be zero dollars:) I think we will have hamburgers, potato salad and asparagus for dinner tonight. Have a happy Friday!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

picture from last nights puppet show

Avery is the blue puppet. The girls all made their own puppets, they learned how to use sewing machines. I really love this church. They do so much for all the kids. The little 3 and 4 year olds were so cute up on stage.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

wordless wednesday

Im so late posting because I have been so busy today being the manager of these units. I also took the kids to have their picture taken together. I always just order school pictures so they never have had their pictures taken together. I know that's terrible huh? We just went to Walmart, they reel you in with that 12.99 coupon but you end up spending more. I spent 72 but would have loved to have bought all the poses. Ian's girlfriend is going to go purchase one of Ian that I didn't. I have no idea how I just got the text to go like this but I like it. My finger hit a key but I am not sure what key it was. Anyone know? Justin is still stuck in Philadelphia, good thing his company pays him for the layover.. Tonight at church Avery is performing with her missionettes class. They have been making muppet type puppets and they will be doing skits and songs. I will try to get some good pictures. Did any of you get tricked today or play any good tricks. I didn't:( Okay I guess that's all I have to say. Time to go visit:)