Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Im Back, well Iv'e been back:)

Hi ladies!! Oh I had a wonderful time on my trip. The conference was an Assembly of God womens conference in Hermiston, Oregon. There is nothing really in that town. This was my first conference and I went with 7 older ladies and we just had a blast driving up there and back. Im looking forward to the next one. I took a few pictures of the drive and will post another day, maybe tomorrow. Today Iv'e been busy with laundry, I went to the laundry mat and the washer decided to die and lock my clothes inside, thankfully the attendant after 25 minutes was able to free my clothes. Then my dogs had check ups and vaccinations. Ihad my daughter also vaccinated for the seasonal flu and the H1N1, this had to be done, she has an underlying health condition that compromises her immune system. I found a few minutes to post and now Im going to go make kaths delicious coconut cookies. Today is a beautiful rainy day anyone that knows me knows I love days like this:))) Okay talk to you all later:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

leaving my children:))

Im leaving this morning in 30 minutes to drive 300 miles north east to a Assembly of God womens conference. Im going with 6 other ladies from church, we wont be back until tomorrow night pretty late. I feel nervous about traveling so far from the kids. My son who is 17 and his girlfriend who is 19 will be watching Ave and the animals, Im sure all will be well. Im excited about going, this will be my first conference. I will post about it when I return. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

chicken anyone?

I was roasting a chicken and became sidetracked :))) The temperature on this bird was 220 degrees. I threw the chicken away but managed to save the pan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cell phone trouble

I have chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove and I just pulled a banana bread out of my oven. I love rainy days.
Two days ago my cell phone stopped taking a charge, so I called AT&T to get the number for the insurance carrier that I have been faithfully paying for years. I called them and they wanted me to read to them one of the numbers under the bar code under the battery. They said my number did not match and that I needed to download an affidavit and swear that I did purchase the phone from at&t then go and have it notarized and if I wanted a new phone sooner than 3 weeks I also needed to overnight the document. I told them they were crazy and this was B.S.. I called at&t to see what all this was about well after 3 hours and 5 different representatives we figured it out. In April of 2008 I purchased my phone on an upgrade. AT&T failed to change that info so I have been paying insurance to a phone that was in my dresser drawer not being used. I was so irritated with both at&t and the asurion insurance provider. At&t tried to call them to verify that yes I did purchase the phone from them and tit was their mistake but they didnt care. So at&t offered to take $30 off my bill, give me 200 free extra minutes and waive the fee for another upgrade plus $50 off the upgrade that I already had coming. So I took the offer, cancelled all insurance on the other lines then went to at&t.com to search for a phone. My darling husband decided he wanted my upgrade and I could have his phone. His phone is a samsung impression. I agreed because I am a loving wife:) and I wanted money to go shopping:) So we found a $279.00 samsung rugby ( for men) and after all the deductions we would pay 129.99 then receive a 50.00 mail in rebate. So I went to the bank to transfer money then my honey said, " go to walmart.com and see if we can get a better deal" I thought to myself " what a stupid idea" but did as he requested and guess how much we paid for the exact same phone? .99 cents. Can you believe that! We were so excited and I got to spend the difference at costco so in the end it was a win win situation:) So ladies just remember that not all ideas our husbands have are dumb. :)))

Friday, October 2, 2009

a bad awakening

At about 5:30 am this morning I was woken up by dogs barking outside and then 5 minutes later a cat screaming, I jumped out of bed and ran outside into the rain barefoot to see what was going on, two other neighbors were running out at the same time. I saw two dogs run by me that I had never seen before in the neighborhood. The man that came out was looking under a car saying "oh no". The dogs got a hold of a cat, he is a homeless cat that we feed, he was pretty messed up, covered in mud because the dogs drug him through muddy water. I called animal control but in my town they tell you they don't care about cats deal with it yourself. So I called an emergency vet and took him in, they examined him but decided it was best to put him to sleep so he didn't suffer anymore. They did it for free but I had to bring the cat back to bury so the neighbor man is going to bury him in his yard. Why don't people just take care of their pets, it makes me so angry. I'm a huge animal lover but at that moment I would not have hesitated to shoot them dogs if I had a gun. Okay maybe I would. I'm thankful my cats were in the house.
Yesterday I took my grand kitty to be spayed and last night she started chewing her stitches out so my son bought a cone collar and took her to his girlfriends house where they can watch her.
Ave goes off to camp on the coast today, no school, not for 17 Fridays this year, no money to pay the teachers. Where did Obamas stimulus money go? Gee I wonder. I have a busy day so I better get started. Have a nice weekend