Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010

Happy New Years Everyone!!!! I have spent the last few days trying to rest from Christmas, Im still trying to put my house back together. I took the tree and Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas. Im always tired after my honey visits. We had a nice Christmas and a nice visit. His brother was here and we all had a good time. Im getting ready to take the kids ice skating. Then Ave and I will just spend a quiet night at home. I hope everyone stays safe tonight. Happy 2010!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Sorry I havent posted lately I have been busy and will catch up soon. Have a wonderful day tomorrow with all of your family!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Im a ding dong!!!!

This is a picture of the top of my camera. I have had this camera for almost two years and have complained the entire time about how crappy the pictures are and I can never figure out how to get them to look good. Well the other day I was at my daughters Christmas performance at her school and sitting next to me was my friends 13 year old son. He saw my getting frustrated and asked what i was doing. I told him that I was trying to find the best setting. Now look at the picture, do you see that silver line? I have been pointing the setting to that silver line for almost 2 years and hating the camera. Well my friends son took my camera out of my hand and said, "point it at this". See the raise arrow on the left, that's where you point your settings to. I just started laughing because it was so "Dana" to have made that mistake. Now I love my camera and know how to work it. This makes me a dingdong!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was watching the news last night and they reported finding a 70 year old homeless man dead by a train track just covering up with a light blanket. They suspect the freezing temps caused his death. I think this is very sad. 70 year old people should not be homeless!!!This happened in Medford, I think thats about 140 miles south of me. Last year in my town a older homeless man was found dead sleeping under the stairs at the shelter, I guess they were full, he froze to death.
I understand there are people who cause their own homelessness by using drugs and I understand sometimes life just falls apart for some people, but to be 70 and die from sleeping outside in the freezing temps is just horrible!!
Last night I was so worried about the homeless cats that I feed. I have one little house outside my front door and one of the cats I feed was laying in there last night. he such sadness in his eyes. I worried all night. I covered the opening to his little house. I have some of those emergency hiking blankets that are supposed to keep you warm so tonight I will cover his house with one of those and on payday i will purchase another container to make a house for another cat I feed. if they only knew they could buddy up to stay warmer. Stay warm everyone!!! Our deep freeze is expected to stick around one more night, then tomorrow we should hit the 40's during the day. I dont think the weathermen know for sure. They called for snow one day then retracted it the next.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brrrrrrrrr it's cold!!!!

This morning when I woke up it was 10 degrees. This is the coldest temp I have ever felt. We still have no snow just freezing weather. That is dissapointing. Im jealous Kath!!!
Tonight Ave has Christmas drama practice. I mailed all my x-mas packages today and then I watched that movie Julie and Julia, good movie. Other than that my life is pretty boring and routine. Nothing exciting to report.

Friday, December 4, 2009

my daughters baptism

My daughter was baptized on November 22, It was a very emotional to watch.

I cant believe I have not posted for two weeks. My Thanksgiving was simple, we celebrated early then on the real Thanksgiving we went to my friends from church. There parents are both on hospice and pretty much just waiting for Jesus to come take them. It was quiet and simple, we just visited and ate. On Monday my friends dad died and the doctor says any day now for the mom. They were married 63 years. isn't that amazing.
I hit the sales on black Friday. I left my house at 3am to get to Kohls. They had a barbie jet priced regularly for 80 bucks and I got it for 30. Then I rushed off to Walmart to get the rockband for 50 bucks. I'm ashamed to say that I had to push and grab to get the last one on the bottom of the stack. Then Saturday my daughter and I left to toys r us at 5:30 am to stand in mine to get a zhu zhu pet. The store opened at 7am but I thought there would be a mob trying to get these dumb little hamsters but by the time the store opened there were only 15 of us in line. We could only get one per household. People are selling these 10 dollar toys online for up to 80 dollars. Crazy..... It is 21 degrees this morning and the weather people are calling for snow next week. Tomorrow is my towns Christmas parade and my daughters girlscout troop will be riding in a float. Ave will also be signing three songs in my church Christmas drama. Im excited about that. My honey wont be back til x-mas eve, he will bring his brother back with him to spend Christmas with us. Im done with all my shopping and my tree has been up since Sunday. yay, I love this month!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

killer cat!!!

This young man may look sweet and innocent with his tea party hat on but let me tell you he's not!!! He brought a dead squirrel to my back door!!! He was out there just throwing it up in the air and having himself a good ol time! I brought him in the house and washed his mouth out and his hands, he is a bad boy! Then I had to pick up the squirrel and dispose of his little body.

Monday, November 9, 2009

my birthday weekend!!

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. I was so happy when my honey said he had a load coming up north and would be home Saturday to stay the night. The only holiday we have guaranteed every year is Christmas so when he happens to pass thru on any other holidays or birthdays it's a treat. I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My honey made a pot roast with potato's and carrots and dinner rolls. We played scrabble and trouble with the kids then Ave and I danced to Michael Jackson music. We were just being goofy and having fun. Sunday morning I got to wake up next to my honey and hear " Happy Birthday" he also made breakfast. He's not big on cards or even picking out presents but I did go to Sears today and buy myself an argyle sweater. All of us being together made my 36th birthday one of the bests so far!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

yesterdays mess!!

So my morning started out as planned, I left at 7am to give Katie a ride to work which is a 40 minute round trip. I arrived back at my sons school for his conferences. All his teachers love him and say he has so much potential and is on the right track. His only problem is math, he is still having a hard time with algebra but he is passing. So after that i was off to the laundry mat, I had time before Aves conference to get it done. After I put my clothes in the wash I decided I had enough time to run to the lab and have some blood work done, as I pulled into the medical office building my heater gauge shot up and smoke started billowing from under the hood. I called my darling husband and he yelled at me so I hung up on him. I parked the car as far away from the door because I was embarrassed. I started trying to problem solve this situation. I don't do well with unexpected events so I started crying, my husband was being a jerk, my laundry was at the laundry mat and I wasn't around a water hose. I pulled myself together and decided I would go do my lab work and let the radiator cool off. As the lady was drawing my blood I explained what had happened and asked her for a large urine container to fill with water. She was kind and put it in a bag for me. I took it to the bathroom to fill but the faucet was shaped so I couldn't get any water in it without it immediately falling out. So now I'm crying again because my plan isn't working. I call my one friend and she is at school. I have roadside assistance but what about my laundry? I remembered I had a water bottle in the car so I thought I would get that and use it to fill the urine bottle, as I was walking to leave I saw a water faucet and was able to fill my container. Yay!!! Then I got to the front door and it was pouring rain and hailing, it was sunny when I went in the building so this was my breaking point, I just lost it. I had no choice I had to walk to my car that was parked as far away as possible. I was soaked. I called my darling husband who had left about 7 missed calls on my phone and I let him have apiece of my mind then hung up and called my dad. Yes I am going to be 36 tomorrow and still call my dad:))) So anyways I filled the radiator and got my laundry then off to the mechanics. My temperature gauge was stuck and that's why it overheated. Thank God is was only a minor issue and after $105.00 I was back on the road and made it home at 2:30 and yes I missed my daughters conference. And yes I did end up with that headache I anticipated.
Even though I broke down and cried I am proud of myself for handling it without my honeys help and he did end up apologizing and will be cooking me dinner today and buying me a new pair of pumps:)))) Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Parent/teacher conference day!!!

This morning I start with going to my sons school for his conferences and then off to my daughters school. I also need to fir in a trip to the lab for some blood work, laundry, car wash and vacuum and to sears to replace my daughters boots. My honey will be passing through tomorrow so the dogs need a bath before they see their dad. He is just passing through so will only be here for one night. I have a prior commitment at my church that I really don't want to miss. We are having another women's lunch with two guest speakers and I volunteered for clean-up before knowing my honey would be passing through, I also volunteered to pick up one of the older ladies that does not drive. I will honor my commitment but feel bad for not spending every hour possible with the honey. My head is starting to hurt just thinking about the running around I have to do today. have a great Friday!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A few pictures from halloween

So last Thursday my sons spanish class was celebrating a latino holiday, I think it was to celebrate the dead. My son was working one of the craft booths, he had spent the prior two weeks making sugar skulls at home to be decorated. This is Avery dressed as a dead bride. I didnt want to buy a new costume so we took last years angel dress and added some make-up
here is my very handsome son working his booth wishing his mom would go away

I made orange scrambled eggs and orange buttered toast on halloween morning,

Here is ave at a craft booth, we also enjoyed tamales, sopa?, empenadas, there was a mariachi band and salsa lessons

Oh here I made orange rice krispy treats, I also made choc. chip cookies but changed the dough orange

here is Ave on halloween, she decided to change from a dead bride to Edward Scissor Hands bride, have you seen that movie?

I have super cramps right now and am going to go take a strong pain pill and lay down for an hour before I have to go pick Ave up from school. I will be back later to visit all my friends:)))

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Im Back, well Iv'e been back:)

Hi ladies!! Oh I had a wonderful time on my trip. The conference was an Assembly of God womens conference in Hermiston, Oregon. There is nothing really in that town. This was my first conference and I went with 7 older ladies and we just had a blast driving up there and back. Im looking forward to the next one. I took a few pictures of the drive and will post another day, maybe tomorrow. Today Iv'e been busy with laundry, I went to the laundry mat and the washer decided to die and lock my clothes inside, thankfully the attendant after 25 minutes was able to free my clothes. Then my dogs had check ups and vaccinations. Ihad my daughter also vaccinated for the seasonal flu and the H1N1, this had to be done, she has an underlying health condition that compromises her immune system. I found a few minutes to post and now Im going to go make kaths delicious coconut cookies. Today is a beautiful rainy day anyone that knows me knows I love days like this:))) Okay talk to you all later:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

leaving my children:))

Im leaving this morning in 30 minutes to drive 300 miles north east to a Assembly of God womens conference. Im going with 6 other ladies from church, we wont be back until tomorrow night pretty late. I feel nervous about traveling so far from the kids. My son who is 17 and his girlfriend who is 19 will be watching Ave and the animals, Im sure all will be well. Im excited about going, this will be my first conference. I will post about it when I return. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

chicken anyone?

I was roasting a chicken and became sidetracked :))) The temperature on this bird was 220 degrees. I threw the chicken away but managed to save the pan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cell phone trouble

I have chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove and I just pulled a banana bread out of my oven. I love rainy days.
Two days ago my cell phone stopped taking a charge, so I called AT&T to get the number for the insurance carrier that I have been faithfully paying for years. I called them and they wanted me to read to them one of the numbers under the bar code under the battery. They said my number did not match and that I needed to download an affidavit and swear that I did purchase the phone from at&t then go and have it notarized and if I wanted a new phone sooner than 3 weeks I also needed to overnight the document. I told them they were crazy and this was B.S.. I called at&t to see what all this was about well after 3 hours and 5 different representatives we figured it out. In April of 2008 I purchased my phone on an upgrade. AT&T failed to change that info so I have been paying insurance to a phone that was in my dresser drawer not being used. I was so irritated with both at&t and the asurion insurance provider. At&t tried to call them to verify that yes I did purchase the phone from them and tit was their mistake but they didnt care. So at&t offered to take $30 off my bill, give me 200 free extra minutes and waive the fee for another upgrade plus $50 off the upgrade that I already had coming. So I took the offer, cancelled all insurance on the other lines then went to at& to search for a phone. My darling husband decided he wanted my upgrade and I could have his phone. His phone is a samsung impression. I agreed because I am a loving wife:) and I wanted money to go shopping:) So we found a $279.00 samsung rugby ( for men) and after all the deductions we would pay 129.99 then receive a 50.00 mail in rebate. So I went to the bank to transfer money then my honey said, " go to and see if we can get a better deal" I thought to myself " what a stupid idea" but did as he requested and guess how much we paid for the exact same phone? .99 cents. Can you believe that! We were so excited and I got to spend the difference at costco so in the end it was a win win situation:) So ladies just remember that not all ideas our husbands have are dumb. :)))

Friday, October 2, 2009

a bad awakening

At about 5:30 am this morning I was woken up by dogs barking outside and then 5 minutes later a cat screaming, I jumped out of bed and ran outside into the rain barefoot to see what was going on, two other neighbors were running out at the same time. I saw two dogs run by me that I had never seen before in the neighborhood. The man that came out was looking under a car saying "oh no". The dogs got a hold of a cat, he is a homeless cat that we feed, he was pretty messed up, covered in mud because the dogs drug him through muddy water. I called animal control but in my town they tell you they don't care about cats deal with it yourself. So I called an emergency vet and took him in, they examined him but decided it was best to put him to sleep so he didn't suffer anymore. They did it for free but I had to bring the cat back to bury so the neighbor man is going to bury him in his yard. Why don't people just take care of their pets, it makes me so angry. I'm a huge animal lover but at that moment I would not have hesitated to shoot them dogs if I had a gun. Okay maybe I would. I'm thankful my cats were in the house.
Yesterday I took my grand kitty to be spayed and last night she started chewing her stitches out so my son bought a cone collar and took her to his girlfriends house where they can watch her.
Ave goes off to camp on the coast today, no school, not for 17 Fridays this year, no money to pay the teachers. Where did Obamas stimulus money go? Gee I wonder. I have a busy day so I better get started. Have a nice weekend

Friday, September 25, 2009

the tooth fairy

This is a sad story. About a month ago Ave lost a tooth, she knows Im the tooth fairy but I never have cash on me I always use debit so she was disappointed when she woke up and her tooth was still under her pillow and there was no money. Yesterday she lost another tooth. I again told her that I had no cash and just give me the tooth and when I get a dollar i will give it to you. She wanted to find money under her pillow so gave me a quarter and asked that I put it under her pillow. She reminded me 4 times before she fell asleep, " mom, dont forget". I felt really bad, all she wanted was to experience waking up to find no tooth and a dollar. So I dug through the bottom of my purse and scrounged up $1.50 in change. I put the change on the bathroom counter so I would see it in the middle of the night and I wouldn't forget. I remembered to do the exchange and Ave woke up happy. Poor little girl just wanted a dollar.
Tonight Im taking her to an early Jonas Brother build-a-bear release party so she can get one before they are released tomorrow.
Yesterday when I was taking the trash can tot he street I noticed a dead baby kitten so I had to pick it up and put him in the trash. Why cant people spay and neuter their animals?
We have a few local wildfires and the sky has been so smoky. Im so ready for winter:) Have a great weekend

Monday, September 21, 2009

what is in my tree?

Can you see what is in my tree?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A message from God

Last night at my women's bible study I was pretty upset and my eyes were tearing up but I wasn't ready to share with the ladies what I was going through. We decided to take up an offering for new study books and when I reached in to pull out some money one of the dollar bills had writing on it. It read, " Jesus Cares" ( 1Peter 5:7) so I looked up the scripture and here is what it said, "casting all your cares upon him, for he cares for you". So that's what I need to do, give all my worries to God and just trust that he knows what is best for me. He doesn't want me crying anymore or worrying about the future. I was so grateful for this message.
Today is my grandmas 91st birthday!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday already???

Last night was Ave's first night of being a junior girl scout, she is now in the green uniform. Last nights meeting was just to discuss upcoming events like camping, yes another camp. She will be going to the coast in 3 weeks for a 3 day camp. It only coast me $20, cant beat that price. I wish I could go but it's happening the days that tenants pay their rent so I have to be here to collect:( Maybe next time. My son started his senior year of high school. I find it hard to grasp that my son is almost a man. He is doing so well, I'm very proud of him.

Tomorrow I'm taking Ave and her friend swimming. Yay!! I don't swim I just watch. I better go check on dinner, I have a semi homemade chicken pot pie in the oven. Talk to you all later.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thank You for leaving kind and supportive comments. I was almost regretting sharing something that personal. I know I didnt go into details but that doesnt really matter. I have went through years of therapy to move forward and forgive myself and I intend to keep making progress:)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

nothing exciting

I took my honey back to work on Sunday and he had a load ready to go, but his work failed to mention that his truck was across the street at the Freightliner waiting to have a fuel pump repaired and it would be locked in until Tuesday. So we stayed one night in a hotel at the companies expense and planned to stay another but the bed was so horrible we just decided to drive the 75 miles back home. So this morning we woke up early and I took him back to work, his truck wont be done until tomorrow so I am home and he is in a hotel. He has also decided to split his hometime up between me his brother and his new friends in Utah. He is punishing me for something in our past. Whatever. I cant change the past.
Tomorrow school starts for Ave and I am looking forward to the alone time:) Talk to you all later:)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Im back :)

So sorry it took me a while to post again. Sometimes our pasts, if we have one come back to haunt us and when it does it becomes very emotionally and mentally draining. I still have this stupid bronchitis so the doctor gave me two inhalers one is a steroid and the other isn't. They seem to be helping with the wheezing but not so much with the coughing. I am not a diabetic but I am pre-diabetic. I have been told to change my eating habits and lose 3 to 4 pounds a month until I reach a healthy weight. I actually lost 3 pounds last week alone. On Monday it will be two weeks since I have had any sweets or chocolate milk. I'm actually doing pretty good with self control and not giving into the impulse to just eat because something tastes good.
My kids go back to school on the 9th for Ave and the tenth for Ian. Ave will be in 4th grade and Ian is going to be a senior. My honey will be home on Monday. I haven't seen him for 6 weeks. Can you believe that. Today me and Ave are deep cleaning this house, that little girl is an unbelievable pack-rat. I'm going to try to get back in the habit of posting more often. I've just been in a summer rut. I don't like the sunshine:( Have a wonderful Saturday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have been sick with bronchitis for the past two weeks. I had some lab work done yesterday and it showed that my glucose level was high and now my doctor suspects that I may be diabetic. Tomorrow I go in for a two hour glucose test to either confirm or deny her suspicion. I dont want to be a diabetic so I have all my friends from church praying for me.
Ave is off at Christian camp, she will be home tomorrow. My son returned from Sacramento on Sunday, he had a really fun time with his grandparents. My mom took him to spend the day in San Francisco. They went on a boat ride and just had a really nice time together. Then my dad who was working out of town met Ian at the bart station and took him to work with him. My dad surveys levees so Ian went out on his work boat with him and stayed 2 nights with him in his hotel.
My honey will be home in 2 weeks. Its already been 4 weeks and it is taking it's toll on our marriage. I had a very emotional weekend. I was a complete mess.
So far I have lost 7 pounds :) I went and had my hair cut and styled today, trying to feel better about myself. I guess thats all I really have to say. Talk to you all later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

peace and quiet?

Okay so my nephew is gone. Yay and my son is gone :( and my daughter is driving me crazy with " Im bored, I have no one to play with". I was very sick yesterday with an upset tummy and today it has seemed to settle in my chest and my throat. Ave has tutoring this morning and I have bible study tonight. I missed church yesterday and a concert at church last night. I feel guilty when I miss events. I was just to sick to go. My honey wont be home for 23 more days. Avery goes to a 3 day Christian camp next Monday so I will be all alone. :) Im so sorry for not being a very loyal blog follower. It's hard when you have no peace and quiet.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How cute is this cat?

Sophie found a nice spot in the glove box, she was just as calm and happy as can be as we drove back to my house.
Tomorrow night my nephew and my son will be leaving. My son is going to drive back with the others to Sacramento and stay with gma and gpa for a week then take the greyhound back home. Im relieved that my nephew is finally going home, these kids fight constantly. Finally I will have a peaceful home again. Im off to walk the track at the school and then make breakfast for everyone. Talk to you all later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Look what I found

I found my son in my bed eating a corn dog watching tv.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the grandbaby

here are some pictures of Sophie, she comes over during the day when her mom goes to work. We have to set the catfood low for her so she can reach it and my dog Mia has been eating the catfood. I think thats whats caused Mia to itch behind one ear so bad that she caused herself to bleed. I took my car to the shop last Friday. They were going to fix the exhaust and we decided to okay a tune up. We were looking at paying 450 to 550. It only costed us $298. The man said we really didnt need a tune-up, everything looked pretty good. That was a blessing.
A lady friend from church is going to start tutoring Ave this week in math. She is not where she should be with math so hopefully this will help get her up to speed. It has been so hot here I dont even wnat to leave my air conditioned house. Today it is supposed to reach 100 degrees. Thats just crazy. Please hurry winter:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Someone else signed in on my blog as I was trying to sign in, her name was skaterchick7997, or something like that. Does anyone know why that would happen? I also just tried to access some pictures for this post and all kinds of letters and codes came up instead. This creeps me out. I dont want hackers hacking into my life. I want to make my blog by invite only.

Friday, July 24, 2009

stupid car

All week I have been trying to deal with my stupid car. Its started making a loud sputtering noise so when I took it in for an oil change I asked them to tell me what the noise was. They said its an exhaust leak in the manifold and we cant fix it, oh and by the way it sounds like your transmission is slipping. So of course my husband had left that day and I panicked. I always worried that being "just a girl" I will be taken advantage of when it comes to the mechanics of the car. My friend recommended a christian man who has a transmission shop so I took the car there and he said the sound was normal and my tranny was fine. Thank God! I am now on my way to go have the exhaust leak fixed, I have no idea what this will cost but thats what savings are for right? My honey was home for ten days, no work no pay. Again, thanks to savings we will survive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gone Crazy!!

Okat these two kids are driving me nuts!!! Their constant arguing has given me the shakes, my nerves cant take anymore. Thats why I only have two kids and they are 8 years apart. My nephew is going home August 8 but I might need to call his mom and make it sooner. I have bribed them to behave and threatened them. I have tried using logic with them, now I am just keeping them in seperate rooms. Got any advice?????
I took my honey back to work this morning then he called me back at 3pm and said "come pick me up". So I have drove 300 miles today and now I am leaving him with the kids and going to bible study:) I need a break!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm a Grandma!!!

This Is Sophie, she belongs to my son and his girlfriend so that makes her my grandaughter. I keep her at my house why Katie is at work.
This morning we hiked that mountain that I have talked about before, now my feet are killing me. I made Sheppards Pie for dinner tonight, it taste pretty good. Tomorrow mY honey has a dental appointment to have a his teeth deep cleaned then he has some fillings to do on Friday. Tomorrow night I'm going to make lasagna. I thought I better make something soft just incase his mouth is sore. I guess that's relly all I have to say, I will talk to you all later:)

Monday, July 13, 2009

chit chat

My honey was coming from the south on his way to Portland so I was able to pick him up at a near by truck stop and bring him home for the night. I took him back to his truck last night and he delivered his load, now he is waiting to deliver a second load in Vancouver WA and then he will come home and he is taking some vacation days so he will be staying until next Monday.
Yesterday we had a two hour long thunder storm. My dog Mia hates the thunder, she wants to fight it, she gets so angry she has her hair all stood up like a mohawk. Ave was bugging her dad to build her a clubhouse so he sent me to buy her a tent:) Have a great week!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

more pictures from our coast trip

This is the innkeepers house and it is supposed to be haunted, they have aired it on tv and on the Internet is told to be one of the most haunted places in Oregon. We stopped here on the way home to have a picnic lunch on the beach and tour the light house. We walked up 1/2 mile and took our tour. The innkeepers house is now a bed and breakfast and I was told it cost $300 a night to stay during peak season. After we were done with the tour we went down to the beach, ate lunch then goofed around for a bit. I'm sorry I am so behind on posting its hard with two kids to entertain and constantly clean up after. Today we are going 40 miles east to the river for my friends kids birthday celebration. My honey will be home in 7 days. I'm excited about that. I stepped on my dogs foot and I think I broke his toe:( he has been limping for 4 days. I took him to the vet but they wanted $153 just to sedate him and take a look. My honey said No way. It's really bothering me, if it was up to my I would drain the bank to make my dog feel better. He says give him time. Its not swollen and he is still hopping around so maybe it's not broken. I'm doing terrible on my mission to lose weight:( I need to work harder. I just don't know whet to eat, maybe I should see a nutritionist. Got any advice?
This is the Heceta Head lighthouse, built in 1883

look Kath, my feet touched the water:)

I thought these were sea lions sleeping but they were just rocks

Friday, July 3, 2009

pictures from our aquarium trip

We left at 8am for a 90 mile drive to the coast. It took 2 hours to get there. I didn't know that you had to drive thru the mountains to get to the ocean. I didn't plan that part of the trip very well. This is what we saw once we came out of the mountains. We were all excited because I am the worse winding road mountain driver. The curves scare me. I drive a Durango and they do not hug the turns.

Once we arrived in Newport we stopped at Burger King to eat breakfast, as you can see my son was very tired. He is 17 and it is summer, he was not happy about leaving at 8am

My nephew and daughter, they were happy
we had lots of fun, after the aquarium we decided to drive the pacific coast highway home and stop at a beach along the way to have a picnic lunch. It was another 120 miles of winding roads but we had the ocean on one side. We stopped at a famous lighthouse. I will post about that on Monday and I will post more pictures. Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend:)

Monday, June 29, 2009

I really don't have to much to say, just another day of a stay at home mom. Today I will be taking Ave to the build a bear where she will join her girl scout troop to spend their hard earned cookie sales money. Tomorrow we are driving to the coast to go to the Oregon Aquarium. This is going to be my first trip to the coast. Both kids have gone before with other people, it should be alot of fun and a long day. My count down for my honey to return has begun, 17 long days. It feels like forever. The owner is here right now installing a shed for all the yard equipment, I guess I should go outside and see if he needs any help. Talk to you all later:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kaths meme game

here goes.....
Whats your favorite day of summer?
any day spent inside my nice and cool air conditioned home
What's your favorite indoor activity during summer?
relaxing in my air conditioned house
Favorite outdoor activity?
none. I dont like summer and I dont swim
The pool or the beach?
if I had to choose it would be the beach because of the scenery
Have you ever camped in a tent during the summer?
yes, on a beach in California, it was horrible, the wind was gusting so hard it blew sand everywhere, we ended up leaving early
Popsicles or ice cream?
ice cream
What flavor?
chocolate cherry or chocolate peanut butter
Do you help in your VBS?
I dont know what VBS stands for
Do you get bored during the summer?
I dont get to bored but I do get seasonal depression, I love dark cloudy rainy days
Are you going anywhere this summer?
were going to the coast next week to an aquarium
Is summer your favorite season?
NO, no, no. I love winter
Join the fun and repeat this meme at your blog!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The Transformer movie was a good movie. I didn't think I would like it but I did. Now I'm going to go rent the first movie. Oh my gosh I ate like a pig yesterday. I was tired of eating good so I fell off the wagon. Time to get back on right? Ave will be home tomorrow, it's quiet here without her. In August she will go to another Christian camp then in October she will go with her girl scout troop camping on the coast. I haven't decided for sure if she can go on that camp. It's 100 miles away and I wont be able to go because I have to collect rent on the days that camp is scheduled.
My 16 year old niece is in Brazil doing missionary work. We are so proud of her. I think she has one more week left.
Today I will go to my bible study group then this evening I have a management meeting to attend. I dislike these meetings. I feel so out of place. For dinner I will be grilling steak and chicken with some baked beans and green beans. Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterday I dropped Ave off at camp. It is a Christian faith based camp and she will be there until Friday afternoon. This is her third year going and normally she picks a cabin to sleep in. I guess I overlooked that box and cabin was not checked on the application for camp so they put her in a wagon. She was upset until she saw the wagon. Inside there are 8 bunk beds, it's pretty cool.
This picture was from the kids safety fest that we went to last Saturday. We waited in line for an hour but ended up leaving after I paid for the kids to ride the monster truck. The event was so unorganized, they had a crowd of about 1000 people and all the booths were so crammed together you couldn't stand in line or even get past the crowd. It was horribly planned so we left.
Curtis is on the end in the black t-shirt and Ave is next to him In the middle of the night on Monday I woke up to really bad menstrual cramps so I took to prescribed pain pills. I fell back to sleep and at 2am I woke up and started wandering around the house. I noticed my cat on the back porch so I opened the sliding glass door and bent over reaching to pull her in. I lost my balance and fell forward into a lawn chair slamming the arm of the chair into my chest. I couldn't get myself back up, I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds due to the pills. It was funny. So for the remainder of the night I lay awake worried I had hurt my heart and was going to die. I'm fine, just a little soar, when I hiccup or cough my chest hurts.
Today I am taking my nephew to see the movie the Transformers. That's about all I have to report:) I miss mu honey terribly, he is on his way to New York. It's already been 3 weeks and I still have until the 15th of July:( I will try to stay busy with these kids. Have a great day!!