Saturday, November 7, 2009

yesterdays mess!!

So my morning started out as planned, I left at 7am to give Katie a ride to work which is a 40 minute round trip. I arrived back at my sons school for his conferences. All his teachers love him and say he has so much potential and is on the right track. His only problem is math, he is still having a hard time with algebra but he is passing. So after that i was off to the laundry mat, I had time before Aves conference to get it done. After I put my clothes in the wash I decided I had enough time to run to the lab and have some blood work done, as I pulled into the medical office building my heater gauge shot up and smoke started billowing from under the hood. I called my darling husband and he yelled at me so I hung up on him. I parked the car as far away from the door because I was embarrassed. I started trying to problem solve this situation. I don't do well with unexpected events so I started crying, my husband was being a jerk, my laundry was at the laundry mat and I wasn't around a water hose. I pulled myself together and decided I would go do my lab work and let the radiator cool off. As the lady was drawing my blood I explained what had happened and asked her for a large urine container to fill with water. She was kind and put it in a bag for me. I took it to the bathroom to fill but the faucet was shaped so I couldn't get any water in it without it immediately falling out. So now I'm crying again because my plan isn't working. I call my one friend and she is at school. I have roadside assistance but what about my laundry? I remembered I had a water bottle in the car so I thought I would get that and use it to fill the urine bottle, as I was walking to leave I saw a water faucet and was able to fill my container. Yay!!! Then I got to the front door and it was pouring rain and hailing, it was sunny when I went in the building so this was my breaking point, I just lost it. I had no choice I had to walk to my car that was parked as far away as possible. I was soaked. I called my darling husband who had left about 7 missed calls on my phone and I let him have apiece of my mind then hung up and called my dad. Yes I am going to be 36 tomorrow and still call my dad:))) So anyways I filled the radiator and got my laundry then off to the mechanics. My temperature gauge was stuck and that's why it overheated. Thank God is was only a minor issue and after $105.00 I was back on the road and made it home at 2:30 and yes I missed my daughters conference. And yes I did end up with that headache I anticipated.
Even though I broke down and cried I am proud of myself for handling it without my honeys help and he did end up apologizing and will be cooking me dinner today and buying me a new pair of pumps:)))) Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Brenda Eason said...

Girl, im trying to catch up here. Im so sorry and there is nothing wrong with calling your dad. Be thankful you have him to call and im glad it all worked out.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Car troubles are a HUGE headache! Glad yours was an easy fix even tho very frustrating.