Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling Normal?

Averys Easter dress, what do you think?
I went from 3 days in bed just because I guess I was depressed, then yesterday after I got off the computer I went back to bed but only for about 15 minutes then I got up did some paper work I was putting off, after that I went outside and pulled weeds and picked up dog poop. Came inside e-mailed with the owner for a bit discussing the water damage from the water heater busting. I then took a shower and went to the post office, Kohls, Carls Jr, Walmart, returned home checked the bank on-line then went to the dollar store, Winco, Costco then Safeway. Came back home to wait for Haley ( I babysit her) we went to Dairy Queen came home Ave was getting off the school bus, ate dinner, Ave tried on Easter dress I bought at Kohls, I didn't like how it fit, then took Ave to her friends and me and Haley went back to Kohls and I exchanged the dress then I went to bible study. I have had problems in the past with being manic/depressant but have not been bothered by it for a while. I think them screaming 19 girls made me snap:) I bought stuff for a pinata for my kids combined birthday party. Did I mention I have Easter and both kids birthdays all in one week. April is an expensive month. For Easter for Ian I just bought him and is girlfriend a gift card to PF Changs ( Chinese) and a movie gift card. I love doing Easter basket for Avery. I do mainly barbie stuff and notebooks and girly stuff. A little bit of chocolate not alot. Haley will be here this Easter so I have to do a basket for her too. Justin will be home in 15 days, he is in Philadelphia waiting for a load. He has another student also. I'm taking the kids to have their pictures taken together tomorrow. I need to get Ian a shirt to match Avery's dress. Oh Justin also wants me to order like half a cow from the local organic cow farm. I know that beef comes from cows but I am having a hard time ordering this beef. Stupid huh? It's the same place we got our Christmas tree from and I saw the cows they were cute. I will just let Justin handle this although he probably wont I do everything but earn the money. I spend it. Thanks honey:) Okay Im done babbling. Have a super Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

blah blah blah

I have the blahs:( That's why I have not been blogging, I don't feel like doing anything. I need a break from kids. I always have kids around me and have not had a break for over three years. Justin said that when he comes home he will take me to the coast to stay overnight. We will see if he keeps his word. Spring break is over so at least the kids went back to school today, I can now catch up on housework. Last night Avery and I went to see a drama at my church of the last supper. I enjoyed the performance. I'm forcing myself to type right now so I'm going to return to my blahs where I ma comfortable.

Friday, March 27, 2009

pictures from camp

top of mountain
I haven't uploaded my cameras pictures yet these are from my phone. This hike was so steep and it took us tot he top of the mountain with a clearing, (first picture)

We had 19 girls and 5 adults,we were in a lodge not camping in tents. I couldn't handle "real" camping. We had fun doing lots of different crafts and it rained most of the trip. On Tuesday night we decided we would take a night hike. Now remember we are in the mountains with nothing but darkness and forest surrounding us. I am leading the hike and Rose the troop leader is behind the 19 little girls. We all have flash lights, Rose tells us to stop so we all form a group and we are told to hush and listen to the sounds of nature, Guess who hears crunching and screams and runs behind the leader? You guessed it right if you said me. I got scared and ran like a little baby. % out of the 19 girls started crying to go home so we ran back to the lodge and spent the next 2 hours letting girls call home and consoling them. LOL. I didn't mean to scare them it was my natural reaction. Poor things couldn't depend on me to protect them. My daughter was my walking buddy and I left her behind:) I think it's funny and the girls still slept all around me and they still love me:) I love being in the nature but only when it is light out, I want to know whats coming at me. I will share more this weekend. I spent the day today shopping and then took Ave and her friend to the indoor water park, now i have the evening to myself and am going to enjoy the peace and quiet. Have a fun Friday!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Im kind of back

Im back from camping, I had an emergency with a busted water heater in an upstair unit that left water soaking a downstair unit closet. I started my horrible period and I am exhausted. I only spent 44 hours with 19 screaming 7, 8 and 9 year olds but that was enough for me to go insane. Im taking another day to unwind:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

lets go camping

I'm getting ready to go to church then when we return we will start packing for camping and we have to bake 2 kinds of cookies to take. I also have to write a list of rules for my son who will be left here to take care of the dogs. My sister I feel has given me some good feedback regarding Avery. She says don't let her tree hugging liberal teacher stifle my daughters growth. If Avery does not work well in groups then she wont pick a career that is a group setting. Avery is showing leadership skills. We will just work on the sharing and being nice to our friends. Have a happy Sunday and if I dont get to the computer Monday I will talk to you all on Wednesday.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

what would you do? Please help!

Yesterday my daughters report card came home this is what it said under personal management:
Avery is a wonderful kid, she is funny, helpful and bright. Lately Avery seems to be having more conflicts than usual when working in group settings. Consistently, the groups she works in complain of fairness issues. I would like to see Avery developing some age-appropriate humility and cooperativeness by letting others go first, giving others a chance to speak and allowing people to share in control of group projects. This is an essential life skill.
I also found out why the little girl Melissa that I babysit has not wanted to come all last week. Because Avery is mean and always bossing her around. This problem with Avery is not new, she has always been this way and I have always struggled to make her share and be nice. It is now affecting school and me babysitting. I love my daughter very much but I am building resentment towards her behavior. I don't know how much if any of this is normal. I also don't know how to turn it around. She is very compassionate, I know she has a nice streak in her somewhere. I put her in girl scouts 3 years ago hoping it would help. I also have her very involved in church and all activities hoping that will help. I am very nice and kind to people. Melissa's mom says Avery has a strong leadership personality and just needs to refocus her strong will. Any advice or suggestions from you all will be greatly appreciated.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fridays chit chat

After school ends today my children begin spring break. I will start packing our clothes for camping today, I'm getting excited:) It is raining today and expected to until Monday. Last year we went camping in March and it snowed, it was very pretty. I will be sure to take lots of pictures. I better add "camera" to my list of items to pack. So far this morning I have straightened up the house and paid bills on-line. I was woken up this morning from 2 crazy cats running around my bedroom knocking stuff down and the cramps I have really weren't helping. I am expecting 2 packages today so I cant leave the house, that's fine with me, I didn't get much sleep last night. I woke up 6 times to use the bathroom. It gets very annoying. Tomorrow we have a GS meeting and the camp menu will be available. Each parent is asked to pick 4 items off the list to bring. Im not sure what the girls voted on as far as the food we will be eating. I had a different group that day. I guess thats all the excitement in my life right now. Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my new arrival

My sewing machine arrived yesterday and now I have to figure out how to use it:( It is really small but I think it will do what I need it to do. I guess I should go buy some thread:) I need to print a doll outfit pattern just something basic. Making doll clothes sounded like a good idea last week:) I have a bible study with the older ladies, Im making chili and corn bread so I better go get started. Talk to you all later

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictures from Tuesday

Look what my dog did, see the hill in the backyard? She came running down and ran right into the screen door. Guess who yelled at me for having the screen door closed? he dog can see the sliding glass door shut, why cant she see the screen door. Dumb dog!!
My first bread. I know she isn't exactly pretty but she sure did taste good.

this also turned out yummy, the only thing is we have alot left over

I dont know why I put green onions on this dish, it just sounded good. I also made green cupcakes and we had soda in green cans:) I just returned from the laundry mat and now I am going to walk 2 miles then clean the house. I have not been walking and my eating is out of control. I don't want to gain anymore weight so I need to do something about it. Tonight we have church, Avery wants to sing in the upcoming talent show, I'm not sure she can sing but she thinks she can so I always tell her she sounds good. I didn't know she was going to want to sing in public. Do you think I should just let her do what she wants? Let me know what you think. I better get busy on the housework and walking, have a fun Wednesday. Be back later to visit you all:))))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to my niece!!!

Today is my nieces 16th birthday. Happy birthday Ellie!! Happy St. Patricks Day!!! I will be making what everyone else makes, corned beef and cabbage with baby red potatoes. Julieann has a recipe for Irish Soda Bread so I think I will try that, it looks really easy. I'm also going to make green cupcakes. Avery has ear infections in both ears so she is back on antibiotics and will stay home from school again today. We have camp next Monday so I need to get her healthy and well. Have a wonderful day today and don't get yourselves pinched:))

Monday, March 16, 2009

pictures from the weekend

this was Friday at the retirement living home. The seniors loved doing crafts, most just watched. We will go back in April for an Easter egg hunt I made my son go to church, it was his first time. he was mad and did not like it. I will make him go once a month:) If the schools push their views then I will push mine.

my hat I made for the mother/daughter tea party

my plate of food

Avery and I enjoying our tea, I'm fat and don't like my picture taken

Today Avery is home from school with an ear ache so she is going to the doctors at 11:30.
We had a wonderful visit. Justin and Avery played all day Saturday then she asked if she could skip church to stay home with dad. I took him back last night and then he escorted me 50 miles and he went his way and I went mine. Now he is on his way to Indiana. My night vision is so bad that when I went to pick him up late Friday night I swerved to the left lane because I thought I say an animal on the right shoulder, it was only a grease spot. I know I should not swerve for an animal but it is my natural reaction.
I have to get some housework done before her appointment so have a happy Monday:)))

Friday, March 13, 2009

busy day today

Well I ordered my sewing machine yesterday and it will take a week to arrive. I have not used a sewing machine for 20 years but I am looking forward to learning and making cute clothes for Avery and her dolls. I was thinking I could make aprons for my female family members and pajama pants for the boys. We went to a thrift store yesterday to find hats for our tea party and 2 tea cups. i think I will get some glue sticks and fake flowers and glue them to my hat. I need to go back to Walmart to but Ian his camera. We have a GS craft event at a retirement living complex this morning so after that I will finish my shopping. Justin needs to be picked up tonight at 11pm 60 miles south so I will leave at 10pm tonight. I will have to take a nap today in order to drive safely at night, I have a hard enough time seeing when it's dark. I wish it was light out because it is a beautiful drive. When I take him back Sunday it will be light out. I cant believe how much I have been able to see him. What a blessing. The kids are both home from school today, I guess it is teacher grading day. Have great weekend!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

great news:)

this is what Ian has requested for his birthday, he likes to go ghost hunting at night and take pictures and videos. He always borrows my camera and it makes me nervous that he will lose it so now he can have his own. I will go buy this for him today. Today is a big shopping day for me. Yay:)
I just woke up and as I do always first thing when I awaken is call Justin, he was just assigned a load back north so I will see him again tomorrow and he can stay another night :) I'm so happy:) He usually stays on the east coast so this is quite rare.

I decided last night that I'm going to buy a very inexpensive sewing machine from walmart, $40 to be exact. I want to make doll clothes for Avery. The clothes for this American Girl Doll are very expensive. I liked sewing in high school. I may need a refresher course but there are plenty of ladies at the church who would be happy to teach me. I have my bible study potluck today. I'm taking pasta salad ( the boxed kit kind) I know that's bad but I don't feel like cooking.
I was thinking I will have to say goodbye again. Thats just the way it goes:) Im glad I have all of you to turn to for support. have a wonderful day:) todays post was my 200th post

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wordless wednesday with words

Yesterday I had my visit with my DH. I took him back to his truck last night at 12:30 am, it took me an hour and a half just to drive him ten miles to his truck. As a truck drivers wife you become numb to all the goodbyes, you have to or you just wouldn't be able to cope. I learned that the hard way. Every now and then I break down and just let the water works flow:( Last night was one of those times. I just couldn't leave him, I parked in front of his truck watching him do his paper work just crying. He called me and said we would drive out together so I followed him on the highway as far as I could then I took my exit and he honked goodbye:( He wont be home until April 16th. . It is easier to say goodbye when our visit doesn't go so well. I really miss going on the truck with him. My friend said she would watch Avery this summer for ten days so I can take a trip with Justin. Probably just to Colorado and back. I like being on the truck.
Tonight we have a GS event at the pizza parlor then we will go to church. I only have a half a day to be sad:) I cleaned the kitchen already so I'm going back to bed:) Talk to you all later

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Girl Doll

This is what Avery wants for her birthday. I ordered it yesterday. I didn't want to spend so much on a doll but my sister made a point that Ave's doll playing years are almost over so I should go ahead and let her have it. This is all she will get from us, it came to $208.00. I hope she enjoys it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

junk in the trunk (chest)

This cat cracks me up

Okay so it's really in my chest and it needs to come out so Im going to go and buy some Mucinex, thanks for the tip Kath:). Guess who I get to pick up at 2:30 am, yep my lovely DH. I will pick him up tomorrow morning at 2:30 am at the truck stop. Thats only ten miles from home. He can stay about 26 hours and then he is off again. He better be nice this time. I walked 2 miles this morning right in the comfort of my own living room. How's that for being a hermit:) Justin has requested tacos so Im off to the grocery store to get a few items. Oh the topic tonight at my womens bible study is, "submission". I like the word "equal" so we will see just what exactly this is about. Have a fabulous Monday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

chest cold

Avery posing

Avery and her friend Melissa

I think that is what I have, a chest cold. It started in my sinuses and has worked it's way down to my chest. After girlscouts yesterday I just came home and slept:) I got up this morning and made breakfast and now we are getting ready for church. I found out we are going camping at the GS lodge on March 23,24, and 25 so I am excited about that. Next week we are going to do crafts with seniors and then next Sunday we are having a mother/daughter tea party. I have to go to a thrift store and find a tea hat and two tea cups. It will be fun. Thanks for all the well wishes:) My dizziness is back, I think there may be a connection between the vertigo and my body fighting off viruses. Last time I had the dizzy spells I was fighting the infection in my leg.

I will be making the potato soup tonight with a salad and some french bread. I plan on coming home from church and resting again and riding out this cold. have a wonderful Sunday!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeling sick:(

Well it has been 15 days since my husband left. He is at a bar in South Dakota drinking right now. Don't worry he does not drink and drive. He is on a 36 hour restart. That means a 36 hour break. I hate it when he goes to bars. I just cant stand it!! Anyways, I don't feel good today and I am committed to taking Avery and Melissa to a girl scout ice skating event right after school. I just have a bad cold, I'm glad it's nothing worse, yet. Tomorrow I will make potato soup, tonight is leftovers. I will know if that is the right recipe once I taste it, the only thing that I don't recognize are the chicken cubes. Maybe my Granny omitted those then called the recipe hers:)
Justin thinks he might come home for a day since he is on his way to Kent, WA. I could care less after the way he treated me on our last visit. Sorry but sometimes a girl needs to vent. I better go get ready for ice skating, fun fun fun:))) Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I got it !!!

Dana , Here is the formula for the potato soup.




My dad sent me the recipe last night. He is such a great dad to have thought about this for over a week and then get me the recipe. I wont be making it until this weekend. last night I made taco soup, my friend Shirla sent me the recipe and it was a huge hit. Tonight I will be making Moroccan Chicken Stew. I was going to go to the potluck bible study with the elder ladies today like I always do on Thursday and I was going to take this stew but I was up every hour last night with a stuffy nose and itchy throat. Avery and the dogs and one of the cats were hogging my bed so I relocated to the couch at 1am. I just finished cleaning and now I'm going to try and get some rest today. I probably shouldn't because it might keep me up tonight but I feel a bad cold coming on so I should rest. I got my hair cut yesterday and Justin gets his vacation pay today so he said I could get some spring clothes for church. I wont spend more than $100. Avery and Ian's birthdays are soon and Avery wants an American Girl Doll with the bed and bedding. Those three items equal $200. I told her that's her limit and that's all she will get. She really wants it so i will order it today. My new tenant is late on his rent and asked if he could wait on paying his late fee. i told him no but I feel bad. I'm not cut out for this job. I have too soft of a heart. He had all of February to worry about March rent. He is a new tenant and should be trying to live within the rules. have a happy Thursday:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

worldless wednesday

when I woke up and turned to my right this is who I saw under my blankets on a pillow

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

from my dad:)

Dana , Look what I found on the computer. This is Grandma's recipe she got it out of a magazine in the 1950's.love DadThe message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:POTATO BISQUE

I opened this e-mail today. Remember my mom wouldnt give me my Granny's potato soup recipe? My dad is the best:) I couldn't open the file after I downloaded it so I still dont have the recipe but thats okay it is the thought that counts right?

Monday, March 2, 2009

monday, cleaning day

Avery is home today even though the child does not act sick I decided it was best to keep her away from the other kids, so she went with me to do laundry and she helped fold towels. We also went to Walmart to find her an Easter dress but she did not like what they had. Did you know that they sale padded bras for Avery's age. I cant believe that. The 10 year old girl I watch wears a padded bra. I don't know why any mom would want their child to appear larger than she is. Avery will be 9 in 6 weeks and is starting to develop. I am horrified over it, she is too young. I just buy her sports type tank tops. I will keep her young as long as I can. Well we are know going to clean this house and her room, it is a mess. I will be making potato soup on Wednesday, thanks for all the great recipes ideas. I will visit this afternoon after my house is cleaned. Oh, I guess according to a e-mail my sis sent today is on-line buddy day!! happy day to all:))

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avery update

I took Avery to the doctors yesterday and she tested positive for strep throat. So she is on penicillin. We cant attend church today because she is so contagious. Im fighting with my son because his thoughtless girlfriend let the feral cat out. I found her, she went back to the cubby hole where her brothers are. I will let her go on Thursday, she wants to be with her family and it is sad. They all miss each other. If anyone has a potato soup recipe I would sure appreciate it. i know there are alot of variations. I like the one with onions and celery. I have to deliver these cookies to a few people at church, I will have to leave Avery in the car:( just for a few minutes. I dont where my son went. Even though this child has strep throat she has not stopped talking even all night long she talked in her sleep. have a blessed Sunday!!!