Thursday, January 14, 2010

another failed friendship

I broke up with my bestfriend. She has been my mentor in Christ for the past year. Last Friday she disagreed with me on something and started cussing me out, calling me names and attacking my character and parenting. I was in shock that she had resorted to such meanness. I stayed calm and took the high road and simply told her this friendship was over. This was my third attempt to have a friend since we moved here four years ago. The first two turned out to be drug addicts and now this. I wont let it discourage me, I have more friends at church just none were as close to me as she was.
My daughter is always seeking justice. Like at school if someone cuts in line she will make a big enough scene that gets her sent to the principal. I keep telling her it's not a big deal and just let it go. I now have started going to the school and having lunch with her, recess then 45 minutes in the class. Can you believe yesterday right in front of me she cut in front of another girl then copped an attitude when the girl said, " hey I'm next". I feel like by the time she gets to middle school she's going to have so many enemies that I'm going to have to home school her. I'm not equipped for that. Raising my son was so much easier. I wasn't prepared for 9 year old girl drama. I hope she grows out of this. She does have a bestfriend so its not like she cant get along with everybody. She just clashes with certain girls. Anyways..........
Girlscout cookie sales have started. I'm waiting for the manager at a nearby truckstop to get back with me and let me know if its okay to set up a cookie booth there. I know the truckers would buy them up. I guess that's all for today. Today is a no-bill payday so I get to go to Costco:):) and my honey might be passing thru tomorrow:)))
Talk to you all later.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

feeling sick

Sorry I haven't posted, I have been sick since Monday. Feeling depressed too. I miss my honey:((( He is not scheduled to be home until February 11th. I'm starting to feel better today, yesterday I was vomiting. Ave has girlscouts tonight so no ,matter how I feel I have to be mom and take her. That's whats hard about dad being away and no family around. Even if I get sick I really cant rest as much as needed, there is no one to take my place. Although my 17 yr old does help out, but he doesn't drive, he has really no desire to drive he thinks it's dangerous. Anyways I don't mean to gripe. Hope every ones Thursday is a good one. Oh we still have no snow:(