Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where have you been?

Hi everyone, yes i have been MIA for a few months but I never stopped wondering how my blog friends were doing, even occasionaly checked in and read a few blogs. I just stopped blogging because i felt my life was boring. Let me catch you up on what has happened while I was gone. My son graduated highschool, proposed to his girlfreind, moved in with his girlfriend was told he was hired at walmart but they never put him to work, he turned down a job from safeway because he thought walmart was hiring him, he is to passsive to call walmart and say "hey what the heck!!" so he decided to join the oregon national army guard. I FREAKED out, I came to terms with it. It seems its a longer process than anticipated. Trying to not micro-manage his life but how can I not, he is my son.
My daughter was in church, had her cell phone out a boy took it threw it in garbage so my lovely daughter swung her purse at his head and split it open leaving him to get two staples and a huge blood stain on church carpet. Luckily his mom and I are good friends so no law suit followed. My daughter lost her phone and her nintendo ds (it was in her purse) and she was shaken up, she didnt mean to do so much damage. lesson learned, we use our words not our hands (or purse) boy wont mess with her anymore. Shes ten he is thirteen. Everything is good, thank God!! She came up with the idea of making him a fruit basket, we went with a candy/snack basket instead.
My husband was nominated for driver of the year with his company so we have an awards banquet coming up on the 24th. How exciting. The company is paying for our room and it's away from the kids. Yay!!! This weeken Im going to a womens retreat in the woods with my church. Cant wait for tomorrow. Thats about it. Just living life, being a mom.