Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stop spinning!!!

I have been suffering from vertigo for over a year now. Last Thursday I had the worse spell yet. I couldnt even drive and when I walked around the house I had to hold on to the wall. I just wanted to vomit. I have been to the doctors twice for this and she just gave me allergy meds. Friday I went back to the doctor and now she is refering me to an ENT doctor. That spell lasted 4 days. It is really hard to be a pleasent person when all you can think about is how weird you feel. It's like a constant drunk feeling. Life must go on. Today we have girlscout cookie booth sales. Fun, fun, fun. I miss my honey, same thing evrytime he leaves. I fight depression then accept there is nothing I can do, this is what I signed up for:( He is back to having a student on the truck so now our evenings of talking are out the door:( I guess thats all I have to moan about today:) See Ya

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Im Back

January was a very stressful month, but it's over and February is going to be a great month!!
I have been so busy, my son is a half credit shy of graduating so we have been trying to work with the schools counselor to find a way for him to earn this half credit. They are letting him do 120 hours of community service, so I have been shuttling him to and fro. he spent the weekend pulling black berry bushes at a nearby mountain where people go and hike. He loves it, he has now decided to go into the forestry department as a career. Im very proud of him. Ave has been busy with church, girls scouts and now I have added one more thing to her activities. Acting and drama classes. The local theatre called Lord Leebricks offers an 8 week course for her age. She is so dramatic she needs a positive way to express her self. She is doing it with a friend from church, they had their first lesson last Saturday and just really enjoyed it.
As for me and my "friend" issue, I decided that I have been given too many second chances in life to not give her one. So far we are only talking via e-mail and that's fine with me.
My church is holding a sweetheart banquet on the 12th and guess what? I have a date. My honey has agreed to go with me. This will be his first time in a church since he was a little boy. Im hoping some seeds are planted.
Yuk! It's tax time. Time for me to sit down and go through all the receipts. I need to get this done before my honey comes home on the 11th.
I think today I will go join Curves. It's across the street from my house and I could just walk there everyday. So how has everyone else been. We still have no snow. I guess Im going to have to drive to it since it wont come to me. Not much of a winter, it's been disappointing.
Okay well, have a great week!!!