Saturday, August 29, 2009

Im back :)

So sorry it took me a while to post again. Sometimes our pasts, if we have one come back to haunt us and when it does it becomes very emotionally and mentally draining. I still have this stupid bronchitis so the doctor gave me two inhalers one is a steroid and the other isn't. They seem to be helping with the wheezing but not so much with the coughing. I am not a diabetic but I am pre-diabetic. I have been told to change my eating habits and lose 3 to 4 pounds a month until I reach a healthy weight. I actually lost 3 pounds last week alone. On Monday it will be two weeks since I have had any sweets or chocolate milk. I'm actually doing pretty good with self control and not giving into the impulse to just eat because something tastes good.
My kids go back to school on the 9th for Ave and the tenth for Ian. Ave will be in 4th grade and Ian is going to be a senior. My honey will be home on Monday. I haven't seen him for 6 weeks. Can you believe that. Today me and Ave are deep cleaning this house, that little girl is an unbelievable pack-rat. I'm going to try to get back in the habit of posting more often. I've just been in a summer rut. I don't like the sunshine:( Have a wonderful Saturday.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have been sick with bronchitis for the past two weeks. I had some lab work done yesterday and it showed that my glucose level was high and now my doctor suspects that I may be diabetic. Tomorrow I go in for a two hour glucose test to either confirm or deny her suspicion. I dont want to be a diabetic so I have all my friends from church praying for me.
Ave is off at Christian camp, she will be home tomorrow. My son returned from Sacramento on Sunday, he had a really fun time with his grandparents. My mom took him to spend the day in San Francisco. They went on a boat ride and just had a really nice time together. Then my dad who was working out of town met Ian at the bart station and took him to work with him. My dad surveys levees so Ian went out on his work boat with him and stayed 2 nights with him in his hotel.
My honey will be home in 2 weeks. Its already been 4 weeks and it is taking it's toll on our marriage. I had a very emotional weekend. I was a complete mess.
So far I have lost 7 pounds :) I went and had my hair cut and styled today, trying to feel better about myself. I guess thats all I really have to say. Talk to you all later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

peace and quiet?

Okay so my nephew is gone. Yay and my son is gone :( and my daughter is driving me crazy with " Im bored, I have no one to play with". I was very sick yesterday with an upset tummy and today it has seemed to settle in my chest and my throat. Ave has tutoring this morning and I have bible study tonight. I missed church yesterday and a concert at church last night. I feel guilty when I miss events. I was just to sick to go. My honey wont be home for 23 more days. Avery goes to a 3 day Christian camp next Monday so I will be all alone. :) Im so sorry for not being a very loyal blog follower. It's hard when you have no peace and quiet.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How cute is this cat?

Sophie found a nice spot in the glove box, she was just as calm and happy as can be as we drove back to my house.
Tomorrow night my nephew and my son will be leaving. My son is going to drive back with the others to Sacramento and stay with gma and gpa for a week then take the greyhound back home. Im relieved that my nephew is finally going home, these kids fight constantly. Finally I will have a peaceful home again. Im off to walk the track at the school and then make breakfast for everyone. Talk to you all later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Look what I found

I found my son in my bed eating a corn dog watching tv.