Friday, March 27, 2009

pictures from camp

top of mountain
I haven't uploaded my cameras pictures yet these are from my phone. This hike was so steep and it took us tot he top of the mountain with a clearing, (first picture)

We had 19 girls and 5 adults,we were in a lodge not camping in tents. I couldn't handle "real" camping. We had fun doing lots of different crafts and it rained most of the trip. On Tuesday night we decided we would take a night hike. Now remember we are in the mountains with nothing but darkness and forest surrounding us. I am leading the hike and Rose the troop leader is behind the 19 little girls. We all have flash lights, Rose tells us to stop so we all form a group and we are told to hush and listen to the sounds of nature, Guess who hears crunching and screams and runs behind the leader? You guessed it right if you said me. I got scared and ran like a little baby. % out of the 19 girls started crying to go home so we ran back to the lodge and spent the next 2 hours letting girls call home and consoling them. LOL. I didn't mean to scare them it was my natural reaction. Poor things couldn't depend on me to protect them. My daughter was my walking buddy and I left her behind:) I think it's funny and the girls still slept all around me and they still love me:) I love being in the nature but only when it is light out, I want to know whats coming at me. I will share more this weekend. I spent the day today shopping and then took Ave and her friend to the indoor water park, now i have the evening to myself and am going to enjoy the peace and quiet. Have a fun Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Oh neat trip. I love camping.

Jane said...

I love your photos. I remember being homesick on a camping trip when I was a kid, although I was only away from home for a few days,


Celticspirit said...

Sounds nice. :) I love nature but it can be kinda scary at night.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Nature can sometimes not be the most tranquil place! LoL
Welcome home. :o)
Hope you have a quite weekend!