Friday, March 13, 2009

busy day today

Well I ordered my sewing machine yesterday and it will take a week to arrive. I have not used a sewing machine for 20 years but I am looking forward to learning and making cute clothes for Avery and her dolls. I was thinking I could make aprons for my female family members and pajama pants for the boys. We went to a thrift store yesterday to find hats for our tea party and 2 tea cups. i think I will get some glue sticks and fake flowers and glue them to my hat. I need to go back to Walmart to but Ian his camera. We have a GS craft event at a retirement living complex this morning so after that I will finish my shopping. Justin needs to be picked up tonight at 11pm 60 miles south so I will leave at 10pm tonight. I will have to take a nap today in order to drive safely at night, I have a hard enough time seeing when it's dark. I wish it was light out because it is a beautiful drive. When I take him back Sunday it will be light out. I cant believe how much I have been able to see him. What a blessing. The kids are both home from school today, I guess it is teacher grading day. Have great weekend!!


Celticspirit said...

Did you order your sewing machine from Walmart using that site to store thing? I sure do hope you have fun using it. So you wanna make aprons? That sounds like an easy project to do and the pajama pants are easy as well because one year I whipped up a bunch of them for my son.
Have fun at the GS craft event.:)

Anonymous said...

Dana you can do it. Start with the easy patterns. It will come back. I have a brand new machine I just had to have and hubby bought a nice one at Sears.I used a few times and put in closet.I hate sitting it up and the mess.I need to get over that and bring it back out.Goodluck.

Celticspirit said...

Just popping in to say good morning! I hope you're not worn out from all your many activities and all that driving you have to do. Glad to hear that you got to spend *extra* time with your hubby. :)