Monday, March 2, 2009

monday, cleaning day

Avery is home today even though the child does not act sick I decided it was best to keep her away from the other kids, so she went with me to do laundry and she helped fold towels. We also went to Walmart to find her an Easter dress but she did not like what they had. Did you know that they sale padded bras for Avery's age. I cant believe that. The 10 year old girl I watch wears a padded bra. I don't know why any mom would want their child to appear larger than she is. Avery will be 9 in 6 weeks and is starting to develop. I am horrified over it, she is too young. I just buy her sports type tank tops. I will keep her young as long as I can. Well we are know going to clean this house and her room, it is a mess. I will be making potato soup on Wednesday, thanks for all the great recipes ideas. I will visit this afternoon after my house is cleaned. Oh, I guess according to a e-mail my sis sent today is on-line buddy day!! happy day to all:))


Celticspirit said...

Kids these days are developing early because of the hormones in milk and meats. If you look around, it is possible to buy hormone free products. I have found hormone free milk for only a few cents more than other stores.
A padded bra for a 9 year old in my opinion is ridiculous! That's just asking for trouble. Kids grow up fast enough and don't need to look older as well. It reminds me of those beauty pageants for young girls where they make the 7 year olds up to look like they have the face of a 25 year old woman.

Anonymous said...

It is nuts and I tell you what in modeling they want them 10-15. It is crazy how they dress them older. April modeled alot and now when I think back I just hate it,Keep her young.
I finally found me some cookies yesterday. They thought it was cold and hadn't been out. I told them try going to Oregon where my friend lives and sale. those girls have been out rain ans snow hehe.

Jane said...

Be sure to post pictures of your potato soup as well as the recipe!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Glad to hear Avery is feeling better! And attempt to keep her young as long as you can.

I cant believe that half of our children are ADULTS! Yesterday they were just babies........ :(

T said...

Glad to hear Avery is feeling much better!!