Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feeling Normal?

Averys Easter dress, what do you think?
I went from 3 days in bed just because I guess I was depressed, then yesterday after I got off the computer I went back to bed but only for about 15 minutes then I got up did some paper work I was putting off, after that I went outside and pulled weeds and picked up dog poop. Came inside e-mailed with the owner for a bit discussing the water damage from the water heater busting. I then took a shower and went to the post office, Kohls, Carls Jr, Walmart, returned home checked the bank on-line then went to the dollar store, Winco, Costco then Safeway. Came back home to wait for Haley ( I babysit her) we went to Dairy Queen came home Ave was getting off the school bus, ate dinner, Ave tried on Easter dress I bought at Kohls, I didn't like how it fit, then took Ave to her friends and me and Haley went back to Kohls and I exchanged the dress then I went to bible study. I have had problems in the past with being manic/depressant but have not been bothered by it for a while. I think them screaming 19 girls made me snap:) I bought stuff for a pinata for my kids combined birthday party. Did I mention I have Easter and both kids birthdays all in one week. April is an expensive month. For Easter for Ian I just bought him and is girlfriend a gift card to PF Changs ( Chinese) and a movie gift card. I love doing Easter basket for Avery. I do mainly barbie stuff and notebooks and girly stuff. A little bit of chocolate not alot. Haley will be here this Easter so I have to do a basket for her too. Justin will be home in 15 days, he is in Philadelphia waiting for a load. He has another student also. I'm taking the kids to have their pictures taken together tomorrow. I need to get Ian a shirt to match Avery's dress. Oh Justin also wants me to order like half a cow from the local organic cow farm. I know that beef comes from cows but I am having a hard time ordering this beef. Stupid huh? It's the same place we got our Christmas tree from and I saw the cows they were cute. I will just let Justin handle this although he probably wont I do everything but earn the money. I spend it. Thanks honey:) Okay Im done babbling. Have a super Tuesday!!!


Brenda Eason said...

I did take the picture one night when I was in Florida. I love Avery's dress. You did a great job.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Very cute dress. Color will be great in pics too!

Glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

You already have weeds growing??? My garden just got rid of its heavy layer of winter build up of snow off of it.

Celticspirit said...

Very pretty dress! It sounds like you have it under control with Easter coming up and the kids birthday. That's a positive thing and what you need to focus on. Have a great day!

The Mind of a Mom said...

The dress is really cute!
Happy Tuesday