Wednesday, April 1, 2009

wordless wednesday

Im so late posting because I have been so busy today being the manager of these units. I also took the kids to have their picture taken together. I always just order school pictures so they never have had their pictures taken together. I know that's terrible huh? We just went to Walmart, they reel you in with that 12.99 coupon but you end up spending more. I spent 72 but would have loved to have bought all the poses. Ian's girlfriend is going to go purchase one of Ian that I didn't. I have no idea how I just got the text to go like this but I like it. My finger hit a key but I am not sure what key it was. Anyone know? Justin is still stuck in Philadelphia, good thing his company pays him for the layover.. Tonight at church Avery is performing with her missionettes class. They have been making muppet type puppets and they will be doing skits and songs. I will try to get some good pictures. Did any of you get tricked today or play any good tricks. I didn't:( Okay I guess that's all I have to say. Time to go visit:)


The Mind of a Mom said...

ohhhh those coupons are dangerous! I have never been out of the photo studio with the price of what the coupon says! I hope the photos turn out wonderful!

Brenda Eason said...

I will get your order off. I had taken my stuff down to ship some during all that with mom.I have misplaced the part I staple on the bag.If I don't find them I will email the recipe. Is that cool

Brenda Eason said...

You are not bothering me at all. You know t has been nuts around here.
We don't have a icecream truck near me,but when the kids were little we did. Now prices are ungodly. I to would buy and keep at home. You can get a gallon of vanilla for about 6$ and we keep everything for sundaes.Sprinkles,choc syrup,caramel,M$Ms,I also crunch butterfingers like a blizzard.There is so much that can be done. I bought a shake maker too and it sure saves alot of money.