Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Chat

Sorry I didn't post again yesterday, I went to the doctors after dropping Biscuit off at his appointment to have a mole checked out and they ended up removing it. The stuff they used to numb me made me very sick. Like dizzy and nauseous. I asked the vet to look at a lump that biscuit has and we agreed to have it removed and checked just to be on the safe side. He will have that done on May 6th when he is having his teeth cleaned. Im feeling better from this cold today. Yesterday when Ave came home from school she told me that there was a dead cat with nails in it's neck by her bus stop. I saw it earlier but thought it was a stuffed animal. I didn't pay much attention to what Ave said until my son called upset asking me to report it to the police and have animal control pick it up. So I called the non-emergency dispatch and reported it she would send someone in the morning. This morning I had Ave get out of the truck when I was taking her to school and check if it was a cat. It turns out it was a stuffed dog with nails in the neck. A cruel joke Im sure. So I called the animal control and told them, they had someone on the scene when I was returning from dropping Ave off. I apologized for the false report , he just laughed. Some teenagers probably thought it was real funny. I didn't.
On May 27th we will be driving 500 miles to see are family in Sacramento and in Oroville, CA
We only can afford to make this trip once a year so Im excited. Next year we are planning a cruise to Alaska with my sister and her husband, then maybe just a weekend in Sacramento.
I think thats all I had to talk about today. I coming to visit you all and catch up. :)


T said...

Oh boy Dana, cruel cruel Joke! But, i am sooo glad it was not real!

I will keep Biscuit in my prayers and hope when you have the lump removed and biopsied that everything will be ok. Please keep me posted on that, and do remember you have my email address.

Your vacation sounds great, I am excited for you.

Celticspirit said...

Glad to hear that that was not a real cat! Jeeze....some people are nuts.
Your trip sure does sound fun. I hope you have a good time.

Jane said...

That is a terribly cruel joke! I hope you are over your cold soon. I know that you are looking forward to your vacation as well - I can hardly wait to read your posts about Alaska next year!