Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cell phone trouble

I have chicken and dumplings simmering on the stove and I just pulled a banana bread out of my oven. I love rainy days.
Two days ago my cell phone stopped taking a charge, so I called AT&T to get the number for the insurance carrier that I have been faithfully paying for years. I called them and they wanted me to read to them one of the numbers under the bar code under the battery. They said my number did not match and that I needed to download an affidavit and swear that I did purchase the phone from at&t then go and have it notarized and if I wanted a new phone sooner than 3 weeks I also needed to overnight the document. I told them they were crazy and this was B.S.. I called at&t to see what all this was about well after 3 hours and 5 different representatives we figured it out. In April of 2008 I purchased my phone on an upgrade. AT&T failed to change that info so I have been paying insurance to a phone that was in my dresser drawer not being used. I was so irritated with both at&t and the asurion insurance provider. At&t tried to call them to verify that yes I did purchase the phone from them and tit was their mistake but they didnt care. So at&t offered to take $30 off my bill, give me 200 free extra minutes and waive the fee for another upgrade plus $50 off the upgrade that I already had coming. So I took the offer, cancelled all insurance on the other lines then went to at& to search for a phone. My darling husband decided he wanted my upgrade and I could have his phone. His phone is a samsung impression. I agreed because I am a loving wife:) and I wanted money to go shopping:) So we found a $279.00 samsung rugby ( for men) and after all the deductions we would pay 129.99 then receive a 50.00 mail in rebate. So I went to the bank to transfer money then my honey said, " go to and see if we can get a better deal" I thought to myself " what a stupid idea" but did as he requested and guess how much we paid for the exact same phone? .99 cents. Can you believe that! We were so excited and I got to spend the difference at costco so in the end it was a win win situation:) So ladies just remember that not all ideas our husbands have are dumb. :)))


Sharon said...

Well that sure did turn out to be a happy ending!It is wise to listen to your hubby! I'm sorry you had to go through all that junk though! I call those backward blessings; when things look bad, they end up working out for good!

:0) Sharon

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

All that hassle paid off in the end for ya!!! Good for you.

And....Ill be right over for some chicken n dumplings!!! Sounds yummy! I have never made it easy?

Jane said...

Hey there... I am glad that your story had a happy ending after all! Take care, am back on after a short absence,


Celticspirit said...

Good deal on the phone!