Tuesday, September 8, 2009

nothing exciting

I took my honey back to work on Sunday and he had a load ready to go, but his work failed to mention that his truck was across the street at the Freightliner waiting to have a fuel pump repaired and it would be locked in until Tuesday. So we stayed one night in a hotel at the companies expense and planned to stay another but the bed was so horrible we just decided to drive the 75 miles back home. So this morning we woke up early and I took him back to work, his truck wont be done until tomorrow so I am home and he is in a hotel. He has also decided to split his hometime up between me his brother and his new friends in Utah. He is punishing me for something in our past. Whatever. I cant change the past.
Tomorrow school starts for Ave and I am looking forward to the alone time:) Talk to you all later:)


Peggy said...

I too know about dealing with the past. Sometimes you just get tired of it being thrown up all the time....Thing is I could of thrown up much worse but chose not to.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

The past is just that....the past! Make today better and put your energy into making the future brighter and better for you and yours. Living in the past just stinks!! You cant go back to change a thing but we can change for a better tomorrow.

Wish you all the very best!! And a good school year for the kids!

Kathi said...

Dana, I'm so glad you are a Christian. You already know this, but I will say it anyway. The past is under the blood of Christ and Satan must not bother you with it any longer. You are a precious child of the King and all is forgiven and forgotten. Hugs, Kathi