Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, and it's still raining!!

Goodmorning and happy Friday!!! Today here in Oregon it's a beautful day to just stay in jammies and cook and bake. So I think that's what I will do. I'm going to make beef stew for dinner and some peanut butter chocholate brownies. I am cooking from scratch but there not my recipes, thats because I'm still learning. I was going to go shopping today but I will postpone that until after Girlscouts tomorrow. Now that I am assistant to the troop leader I have to participate in the singing and the dancing:) It was awkward the first time but I will get into it eventually, I just feel silly.
My mother called and told Avery to go on-line and pick out a halloween costume and she would buy it and have it shipped. So Avery picked herself out a pretty angel costume. Last year was the first year that I stopped letting her go trick or treating. I thought about it and didnt see the point in teaching about strangers and then one day a year letting her go to strangers doors and ask for candy. Last year we went to the skating rink and a church group had rented it and had little game booths and tought scripture and passed out candy. So this year I will look for something like that to do. I didnt let her keep the candy either. She has to have braces in the furure so her teeth need to be strong. Am I a mean mom? My friend Brenda is having a fall giveawy so jump on over and take a look
I hope everyone has a great Friday!! Please mention my name if you hop over to her post. Thanks


Anonymous said...

That is what I want. If they come and sign up and say they came from your page I will enter you again!

T said...

Jammie days are wonderful. I had one of those last weekend. Nothing better then taking time out of our hectic schedules and enjoying a lazy day. We all deserve it once in awhile, and you have been through a lot lately, so well deserved!

Kathi said...

Wonderful dinner plans, Mrs. Ruiz. We do the same thing. Our church has a harvest festival. Have a great Friday. Kathi

Shirla said...

I'm here! ;)

I just didn't have much to post about on my blog this morning. I might post later tonight after I get back from Walmart Friday. :)

Peggy said...

I sometimes surprise the goats on Sunday mornings by feeding and milking in my jammies. Sunday's are the days I do the chores alone so if I want to stay in my jammies all day the goats are okay with it. LOL