Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Animals need discipline too:)

Chester Kooders, do you think he is ugly?
the cake I made katie yesterday, I attempted to decorate

Oh my gosh, my animals are driving me crazy!!! I have 5 and it's just like having toddlers running around. This new cat is a bad boy, he gets into everything. If I'm busy I just tell my dogs, "get the cats", and they go check out the situation. They would never be rough or bite just warn the cats to knock it off.. Now Chester Kooders has figured out how to open closet doors, and thats creepy because I know when I left to do laundry the door was closed and when I came back it was open and thats scary until you figure out it was the cat. It just gets annoying sometimes because every time I turn around I'm stepping on an animal, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I know they just love me and I'm their mom. My oldest cat, she keeps to herself, except once a day comes out to beat up Chester, she does not like him and to show me how she feels she has been peeing on clothes. She peed on my sons pants and on my daughters barbie clothes and barbie dolls i had to toss what I couldn't get the smell out of. I went and bought another cat box and placed it in my girls room. maybe that was the problem.

This morning it was 38 degrees with dense fog. I love the fog, we get freezing fog, whatever that is. I had never heard of that until I moved up here to Oregon.

I'm going to ride the church bus tonight. I know I said I would never do it again, but pastor needs an adult in the back to keep watch on the kids so I will tolerate the noise.

Tomorrow the dogs have to go to the vet for their 6 month comprehensive exam. I will drop them off in the morning then pick them up in the afternoon. I have never taken them at the same time so this should be interesting trying to control both of them. My boy weighs 72 pounds and my girl is 50 pounds. They will be so excited to go on an outing, I will try to remember to take pictures. Biscuit loves car rides but Mia doesn't. Biscuit was a trucker dog for 4 months until my husband went back to being a company driver and their policy says no dogs.

I guess I should go clean my oven:( thats has to be the worse chore.

have a great day!!!


tree ocean said...

Hi, read your comment on Allnaturalsimplelife about eating pets. I have chickens, goats, a goose, rabbit, cats, dog,hamster and goldfish, and have never eaten any that I have raised. I worked on a large cashmere goat farm that sent animals out to slaughter and I have eaten some of that meat-but I told her as long as I didn't know who I was eating! I have a couple roosters I would eat but my son says no way cos he likes we buy our chicken at the store. But we eat the eggs!

Tonia said...

In response to your comment on my blog All natural simple life...
Our take on why we do what we do. We raise our meat so we know how its been treated and its has ahd a goodlife!! All livestock that is headed for the freezer is decided pretty much before its born.. SO we can come to terms with it.. I am not saying its easy but I also know there is No Hormones, Extra Antibiotics, and Good Food only in the animals we raise.. The stuff you get in the store has no guarantee like that.. I have a friend who use to think the same way as you and since being around our farm and seeing the difference in the treatment understands why. They are not our pets but they are loved and cared for. We do have pets but we also have livestock. We are Certified Naturally Grown and raise them at a certain standard. They never starve or suffer in humanely.. All illness when we have it is treated and not left to itself. We do use the services of a vet when needed too..
I also must add that this is nothing new to me. I have been raised around some kind of my farm all my life.. My parents never lied to me about the purpose for the animals. If it was food it was food.. We were prepared from day one. That is how I let my kids know too.. I am not offended by your comment either so please dont think that!! Some people just dont understand. Have a good day..

Shirla said...

Chester is a beautiful cat!

Anonymous said...

The cat is beautiful. Girl my dogs are worse than kids! They need to go to school so bad. Jersey has been getting up on the table and eating all the candy. This is my DOG. I had some coffee chews in the dish and he got it stuck in his teeth. I had to stick my finger in there and get it out. Lord now tell me who is bad!

Tonia said...

Here are some good places to find out about food... and where some of it comes from..
Has good info for people who think the USDA can be trusted..
Thanks for your comments..