Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iv'e been tagged

My brother Matt and his wife Debbie, I also took this picture in May
My niece Lily, I took the picture when I went to visit in Sacramento back in May

I was tagged by Shirla, I guess the game works like so: If you get tagged you are supposed to go into your photo album and post the 6th picture on the 6th page and give a desrciption, then post the first picture on the first page. Then tag three people to do the same. I tag Peggy, Brenda and T.


Shirla said...

What a sweet couple.
Your niece Lily is precious! :)

Anonymous said...

That Brenda me? hehe I will have to go to my six folder since my scaner is broke. That be okay? Cute couple now I wanna see you so i can put a face to a new friend =)

Tonia said...

You can email me if you would like. Cage free no hormones is good. There are so many different choices. With the USDA they can word things and let a lot of stuff through. Just like anything government. My email I dont mind talking about this stuff! Its sort of an occupation really. Have a good day.

Julieann said...

ohhh--what cute pictures:)

I adore picture posts:)


Elizabeth said...

Why did you put up such a bad picture of Lily? If I email one to you, can you post it?