Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I started my day a little late. I was tired because I haven't been sleeping well so after I took Avery to school I went back to sleep. My husband has been driving nights and sleeping days so we haven't had much time to talk and when we do he's tired and in a grumpy mood so thats affecting me. I guess he's coming for a day, I'm not sure when, I tried to call him but I woke him up and that didnt go well. He's probably in Nebraska, so I'm guessing maybe in 4 days.
Yesterday I cleaned my floors and scrubbed the bathtub, those are the chores I dislike the most only because it hurts my back. I dont mind doing dishes. We have a dishwasher a brand new, but I store tupperware in it. I dont mind washing dishes I find it relaxing. My goal today is to pack up whatever I have storing under my bed and other stuff on my desk... Dinner will be Firecracker Casserole, I found that on another site. The chicken spahgetti wasn't that good so I'm taking a risk with this casserole. My computer is acting dumb. I cant leave comments on a few sites it just makes a noise when I click on comments. It's Julieanns site and moms4palin .
I went to Bible study last night. I enjoy those women alot. they want me to come to service on Wednesday night too, I guess I wil check it out this Wednesday. Anyways have a great day!!!


Sharon said...

It sounds like your not having the best day. I am sure your hubby will be sweet when he comes home. I imagine that being on the road like that is stressful for all of you. Take a little time out for yourself, clean your house up, rent a chick flick, make some yummy food and veg out a little. Also, put on worship music and worship the Lord, that always helps me when I have a downer day.

I hope your computer gets better. I'll say a prayer for you.

Blessings to you,

Kathi said...

Hi Dana. I'm sorry about your computer. I agree with Sharon, after your house is cleaned up, put on a cute chick flick and eat a yummy lunch.

As for the side bar and adding friends, go to your "Edit Layout" and you may add a page element. Go to "Add Gadget." Next go to "Link List." To add your friends, you must go to their web page and click and save their https://blog name then paste it, you then name it right below. You must click save each time. This will take you a few minutes because you need to go visit each person and click and save, then go back and add it to your side bar. You may title this page element "Friends" or "Favorite Blogger," or anything you decide.

Good luck to you. I hope you really love your Bible study.

Our John Deere mailbox was a gift. The people who gave it to us ordered it through the mail. I'm not sure, but I think just over the Internet. Have a great day. Kathi

Kathi said...

Good Job. You are on your way!! Kathi