Monday, October 20, 2008


Last night me and my daughter went to a concert at our church, a lady named Lisa Marie Buster was performing. She has a beautiful voice and a real passionate love for Jesus. she travels across the country and performs at churches. We bought her cd, and Avery wanted her autograph, so she went up to her and told that she sang pretty. The lady thought she was sweet.
I think today I will relax and watch an old movie, I wish it was raining. The skys have been dark and cloudy but no rain. I still need to pack my bedroom, I packed a little in the kitchen yesterday. I cant really pack much of that because I'm still going to need my kitchen til we move. Tonight I'm going to Bible study, I think I'm going to too many classes, I'm getting confused on who's teaching what, but the ladies ask if I'm coming as if they want me there so I say yes. I do enjoy it, I'm going four times a week.
Tonights dinner will be pork loin roast, potatoes and carrots. Have a happy Monday!!!

Just an update on the weather: It's raining and expected to rain all day:) What a beautiful day!!!
I should bake something but then I would have to eat it and my weight is an issue right now so I probably shouldn't bake:)


Anonymous said...

I just got home late last eve. I am working a ten hour shift today and hope to get you package out Tuesday. Thanks for the sweet words and prayers.
Missed you,Brenda

Kathi said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful, Dana. I will pray that your move is smooth. Thank you for your encouraging notes. Have a blessed evening. It's wonderful that you are enjoying our Bible studies.

Hugs, Kathi