Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Raining!!!:)

Im so happy that it's raining today, I love the rain. I just returned from the laundry mat and since I went two days over my normal laundry day I had more than normal. I spent the day yesterday vacume sealing my meats and stocking up my freezer. We do that about every four months. So now I have every possible meat and cut you could think of, except lamb, I have never tried that and really dont care to. I also tackled my daughters room yesterday and packed it up then she came home from school and statrted unpacking. That didn't sit well with me. Today I need to go under my son's bed and see what I find. I already have a huge pile in my living room to go to the goodwill, I will probably make that trip tomorrow.

There is this homesteading ranch close to where I live and they have turned into a learning place for kids and adults, I think it was built in the 1800's, I ordered tickets yesterday to go there and go on a haunted hayride, that will be on the 27th, it should be fun, we have never been there so Im looking forward to that. My mom sent me a 100 dollar gift card to get an outfit for church so I will go spend that tomorrow and see if I cant get two outfits:

I have to meet my landlord and another property owner for linch at twelve so I should go get ready for that. It should be interesting since the two have never got along, I think they are calling a truce.

Look at this picture, my daughter won that at a furnuture store, isn't it ridiculous. She wont part with it. Have a great day!!!


Shirla said...

Love the pic, that dog or is it a bear? is SO big!

I actually do not like dark cloudy days, all I want to do is sleep when we have them. lol

I had a script for Imitrex from my Dr., but I have to go back to her to get it refilled and I just haven't gotten there. She had told me before that I could take 4 ibuprofens, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I did find some over the counter migraine stuff that was hidden in the medicine cabinet and I took two of those. Now I just have a nagging headache.

Anonymous said...

Tanks sweetie we hope to get that hooked up.