Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday evening

I know I said I was going to stay in my jammies all day but that didn't happen. After I cleaned and started my beef stew I decided to go to the movies and watch, "An American Carol" it was a pretty good movie. After that I went to spend the gift card that my mom sent to me to get blouses for church. Clothes are expensive, I bought 2 shirts and a pair of pumps (now the only pair I own). That came to 94 dollars:(.

After shopping I came back home and made the brownies, both the stew and brownies turned out great. I took a few pictures, although the ones of the blouses didnt come out to well.


Shirla said...

I love the blouses and the shoes are darling. Where did you get them all? Your food pics look so yummy.

I live on a dirt road, there is a small field between me and my neighbor that is to the right of us. My brother in law's house is across the street from us and he has a field that is in front of our house. Also across his field is my Mama and Daddy's old house that my in laws now own, that land used to be ours and it was part of our back yard at our old house, but we sold it to them so they could build a house there, I can see our old house from the front of my house, my grandson's father lives there now, my daughter used to live there (my in laws own that house now and rent it out). There is also a house between my brother in law and my grandson's father's house that my in laws own. My in laws live down the dirt road from my house to the left, I can see their house from my house. There are new houses that were built on the road leading to my house. To the left of us is dirt road, fields and the woods and swamp. Somewhere in my blog I posted pics of my dirt road. lol

Kathi said...

Your clothes are very pretty. What cute shoes. Your meal looks wonderful. You've got it all together. Way to go girl. Hugs, Kathi

PS I hope my letter was helpful to you. I don't have all the answers. I just try very hard to study the Bible.

TronWife said...

Oh my those brownies look heavenly!

T said...

Very pretty clothes, and the shoes.
It is always nice to have new clothes once in awhile.

Good for you with the food! Looks yummy!!

Shirla said...

We have Fashion Bug stores here. I like them, they have great clearances.

We all get along really well living so close to each other. It was actually great when my kids were little, we always had a baby-sitter. ;)

Peggy said...

love your blouses! That stew and brownies are making me hungry. William is in Texas so I will probably just fix a baked potato and salad for myself. I love to cook but not for just me. The dogs and cats are so cute!