Sunday, October 5, 2008


Goodmorning, I woke up at 5am this morning and have already cleaned the house and even attempted to do some exercise. I went to the excercise on demand on the television and I lasted about ten minutes. But thats okay I have to start somewhere. My self esteem is pretty low and I need to do something about it. I need to get an umbrella to walk my daughter to school instead of driving her. Why I dont already own an umbrella is a good question. I should, living in Oregon.

I dont think keeping this cat is going to work out. My older cat is not taking well to the homeless cat. She is being very mean to him and it's not fair to stress her out. The cat I found is also stressed out. He filled the cat box last night with his stomach ache so I know he's stressed. I dont know what to do about this situation. I will give it more time.

I found a recipe called "garlic chicken spahgetti" on another site. I'm going to make that for dinner with a salad and some garlic breadsticks oh and I bought a pineapple at Safeway yesterday for 1.99 so I will have my son slice that up.

I need to go get ready for church, Im going to dress nice in my new clothes:) I might even put some makeup on:).

I hope my day continues to be positive. Usually after church I'm feeling real good until I come home and see the mess my son has made in my kitchen from cooking and then to see him just playing video games makes me flip out. Today I'm trying something different. I ask him to go but he says no. I will keep asking.

Here is a picture of the cat I found and my dogs. My dogs are great they welcomed the cat. Yesterday the cat wouldnt go near the dogs and now look at them.

Have a blessed day!!!


Sharon said... are really self disciplined to get up and clean and exercise. I'm sorry that you have low self esteem. Life gets weird for women around 40 with body changes, kids growing up, etc. I gained weight a few years ago and have never liked it and decided recently to take control. I started eating 1200 calories a day and have lost 7 pounds! I feel better because I'm not putting a bunch of junk in my body. Keep praying and reading God's word, that is the best thing to help the situation. I think you are beautiful and you have a lovely family. Keep asking your son to go to church. My kids have always gone to church with us, we never gave them an option, but for other things I try to get them to do, I have a talk with them when the timing is right and ask them as a favor for me to make my heart happy can they do this one thing and usually that works. Also, perhaps promise him you will take him to his favorite store and spend $10.00 on him after church or take him to his favorite restauraunt for lunch after, why not!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing good. I worked ten hours yesterday and was so sleepy I had a restless night.Brian took me to eat lunch.It was nice,but resting this evening for a ten hr. on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Brian eats out so much.But I like you am ready t go out.
I also have a secret!!! YOU WON my give away. I am going to post it this morning when I get to work so then you can yell and jump up and down.I will need you to email me your information so I can mail it to you.