Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Laundry Day!!

Today I'm going to go do laundry. I made cream cheese banana bread yesterday, I found the recipe at Julieann's site. I was proud of myself for baking from scratch. It even tasted good. I was making it to take to a church bible study and social tomorrow but it overcooked on the bottom just a little bit so I dont think I will take it. I will have to think of something else to take.
I guess my hubby will be coming home for one day this weekend just not sure what day. If he comes home on Saturday then I would have to take him back to work on Sunday and end up missing church. I hope thats not the case. When he comes home unexpected it messes up our schedule. Avery has been invited to another birthday party on Saturday but if he comes home on Saturday she probably wont go because I would rather spend every minute with him than sit at a party for three hours. I don't know we will see what happens. Im happy he's coming home even if it's only for one night. Have a good day!!!


T said...

Your cream cheese and banana bread sounds yummy. You should be proud of yourself from baking from scratch.

I never do. But, I am not a baker. I prefer everything quick and easy.

I understand when your hubby comes home unexpected it throws your schedule off, but it is ok to be spontaneous sometimes. Just go with the flow. That is what makes life fun.

T said...

I forgot, I owe you an email, and I will write you in a bit. It has been hectic here at my house this week, sorry.

Shirla said...

I'm so happy you baked from scratch, WTG! Isn't it fun?

Thanks for letting me know the song. I didn't know it until I searched it on YouTube then I remembered it. Here it it is:

Peggy said...

William is coming home too but will be going on a boy scout camping trip this weekend with his grandson. When he comes home for just one day it seems I get more behind in everything. Its worth it though to just get to see him so understand what you mean. Not sure why you are having problems with my addy.

Julieann said...

The bread is yummy---aww, take it--I am sure they will love it:)

I don't blame you for wanting to spend every spare minute with hubby and missing the party--I would do the same thing.

I was re-reading my post today, and I hope you understand it was written from my point of view---if you are sad, I offer you many great big hugs ( I am also really good at putting foot inside mouth)!!!! I can't be happy ALL the time, it is hard at certain times, and sometimes we need someone to say it is alright to just CRY!!!

P.S. If I was closer, I would love to go to church with you:)


Shirla said...

My youngest son Matt is a Dale Jr. fan.

I didnt remember what songs were number 1 when my children were born, so I looked them all up. lol

Here is the Duggar's website:

Shirla said...

I remember the song Jump by Kris Kross,they were really young when they did that song. teenagers. It was a catchy little tune: Kris Kross, an early 1990s rap/hip hop duo infamous for wearing their clothes backwards.

I don't remember Maria, Maria by Santana, I don't really care for him.

I've grown up with NASCAR racing, I loved within walking distance of RIR (Richmond International Raceway) and cant remember not liking it.