Friday, October 31, 2008


Today is Friday and also Halloween, the kids are home from school and my husband is irritating me:) We are moving tomorrow and I feel like there is so much to do and I'm on my own to do it. I already went to Avery's parent conference alone this morning and now I'm getting ready to go to Ian's conference. I think I will fall down the stairs and break a leg just to get out of having to do all the work. I just keep following them all around re-packing and cleaning. I'm sorry for venting and really cant say all I want because Justin is hovering:)
Yesterday was spent at the truck yard with Justin trying to solo out his student that he has had for 7 weeks. The student failed and costed Justin his $630 bonus. He only gets the bonus if the student passes the tests so the entire past weeks have been a waste. The student was sent home on the Greyhound bus. What failed him was he didn't get out of the truck and look before backing in. He was told all morning to not forget to do that, I even told him. A $630 bonus is alot to lose:( for a stupid mistake.
My internet will be disconnected tomorrow and wont be hooked back up until Monday, so I will miss reading all of your blogs this weekend:( I hope all of you have a better weekend than I will :)))
PS. I love and appreciate my husband, I think Im just overwhelmed and maybe have a bit of PMS


Shirla said...

{{{hugs}}} You have a lot on your plate now, I know it's easy for me to say don't get overwhelmed but please try! I'm sorry about the bonus. My husband never went to any of the parent teacher conferences with me. I have to say I sure am glad my kids are all out of school and those days are far behind me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Mallory. Alyssa is the only one of my grandchildren that doesn't have a birthday close to the others, hers is in March and it looks like her new sister's birthday will be in February.

Peggy said...

Have a good weekend moving. Can't wait to see how you settle in the new apartment. Things will get better.. I promise. :)

Shirla said...

No my boys are to old to go trick or treating they are almost 19 and 21. We never get trick or treaters here. I'm on a diry road and no one comes this far.

I get really bad PMS, so I know how you feel.