Monday, October 13, 2008

My animals

The new cat and my baby cat getting along just fine:)
They all love each other

I think she was mad about the wig.

yesterday a bird crashed right into my kitchen window and left a splatter of blood and feathers. Poor birdie. My son disposed of the deceased bird, he did not survive:(


Shirla said...

The cat in the second pic looks just like my grandson's cat Kitta Girl! I just showed the pic to my grandson Wesley and he said "HEY thats my Kitta Girl"! lol

That was the right website for the herbal teas. I'll show it to my daughter, she is the one that suffers with the cramps. I didn't had my monthly visit but once this summer. It's on its way out I hope!

Celticspirit said...

Those are adorable pictures of all your furbabies! And yes, my significant other is a truck driver. He used to drive semi's but now is in the oil business and drives a tanker.

T said...

AW They are so lively. I am so happy Your stray kitty is getting along so well with he rest of the pack.

Wonderful news that you are keeping him. That news just made my night!
Thank you for giving him a forever home, and thank your husband too.

T said...

UGH, I meant they are so LOVELY!!

Shirla said...

Yes that is my town! That is so funny you found it on the map. My oldest son works for that carpet place, he works with our neighbor that is an independent carpet/flooring contractor for them. My son and his boss go into Pointers every morning and they get their snacks and drinks for the day.

Shirla said...

LOL @ what your husband said. That is to funny! The Google map is so neat. I use it a lot when I'm looking for an address that I'm not sure about what is around it, it makes it easier to find the place I'm looking for.

I'm glad you liked Mama's chicken and dumplings. :)