Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was able to get so much done yesterday with the packing. My house is pretty well packed up now except for what we need to live for the next ten days. Im glad I started the cleaning out process during the summer. Nothing we dont use or need is in my house. I'm very good about not hanging on to stuff or collecting things. My house is small and clutter just makes it smaller.
Today I need to go to my daughters school and turn in her fundraiser money and then to the post office to mail my dad his birthday present, he is turning 58. I love my dad so much, he really is a kind person and a loving, supportive dad:) I miss him. He says he will come vist in december after his work is over. He works for the "Army Corp of Engineers". He retired a few years ago but they hire him back as a private contractor because they cant find anyone as good at his job as my dad.
Today it's blue skys and sunny with a high of 62 degrees:( I like dark clouds and rain. Yesterday I paid $2.89 for gas:) Whats everyone else paying? Well ladies have a fun day!

When I took my dog's out this morning it was still a bit dark out and my girl dog looked up and noticed the moon in the sky. She totally freaked out and began to growl then bark with anger and she even had her fur standing up with a mohawk. She's weird, she barks st thunder too and jumps in the air to catch hail and snow.

I keep thinking of more to write about. Iv'e been drinking chai lattes and they make me zoom around the house:) Yesterday was my son's girlfriend Katie's 18th birthday, I know my son is only 16 and a half but they have been together for 2 years and she is part of the family. Anyways I'm going to make her a birthday cake so I need to go to walmart to buy a few things. She bought a car last month and just got her license yesterday so now thay are mobile. She can take my son to look for another job. She spends alot of money on my son and it bothers me that he doesn't do the same for her. She bought them halloween costumes and then took him out to dinner on her birthday weekend. He really needs to get a job and act like a gentlemen. His dad needs to have a talk with him. I'm posting the picture that I took of them in most of their costume minus some accessories


Peggy said...

I am trying to get laundry and house chores done inbetween goat chores but am way behind as usual. Love the doggie picture!

Celticspirit said...

Hi Dana! I didn't realize you are moving? Where to?

Great pictures of your son and his girlfriend. They seem like a well matched couple even if she is a bit older.

What kind of cake are you making?

Shirla said...

I love the pic of your son and his girl friend.

No Tina didn't bring me anything back from the race, Really all I wanted from her is for her to hurry up and get home so she could pick up the kids. lol It was a LONNNNGGGG weekend!

Shirla said...

I have a good recipe for pork chops that has carrots in it. I'll type it up and email it to you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day. I sent your package today. hope it arrives well.

T said...

Sounds like you had a busy day.
Great picture of your son and his girlfriend, and the dogs of course.

Glad to know your kitty is improving so much. Wonderful news.

Thanks for the cute email :)