Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday: I found a cat

I woke up at 5am and just layed in bed and listened to the rain pour for about an hour then fell back to sleep until 7:20. After I woke up and took my dogs out in the rain I then took my son's girlfriend to drop her off in a little town about 15 miles into the country, she was going to get her hair done. When I returned home as I was about to pull into my driveway I saw this little cat with a collar on looking lost, confused and scared. I opened my car door and he jumped right in and was so happy and purring. His collar did not have a tag but I wasn't gong to just leave him in the rain. He must have ben the cat I heard crying all night 2 nights before. So I made signs that said found a cat with a description and my address and posted the signs around the neighborhood. He is a male cat that has not been neutered. I have him in my house as of now but the other cats dont like him and he doesn't like the dogs. I feel bad messing with the animal chemistry already in my house but I cant just let him wander the streets meowing and scared. My husband says eventually they will all get along. I guess I will wait a week and if the animal shelter wont take him I will keep him. He will have to be neutered ofcourse and shots. Maybe tomorrow if the rain lets up I will put him in the cat carrier and go door to door asking if they lost him.
We also had GirlScouts this morning. Thats was fun, the girls start their "Nut" sales. They sale peanuts and candies and then in January they start selling cookies, then her school sales wrapping paper. To many sales.
I feel like I'm geeting a sinus infection and I still need to go do dishes and make dinner:( Really I just want to lay down, but fast food isn't in the budget right now. The wonderful car payment is due soon:) Dont you just love paying bills. Everytime you get one paid you turn around and theres another one. Fun,fun,fun. I better go start dinner, have a great evening!!! Thanks for the clothing compliments, I'm just a jean and t-shirt girl but I'm excited about getting dressed up a little tomorrow for church:)


Shirla said...

Awww poor kitty, I'm glad he found you. I hope his owners call. My Mama has a stray cat show up on her door step one morning. She put up signs and no one claimed her so she kept her. She took her to the vet to have her spayed and shots, come to find out the cat had already been spayed. She named her midnight because she was solid black. When my mama got sick and came to live with me I tried getting Midnight to stay at my house, but she would always go back to Mama's. I even went as far as to take her up the road in my car and drive around our little town and then driving back to my house. She still went back to Mama's, even though Mama wasn't there any more. My in laws lost their house in a house fire and stayed and my Mama's house while their house was being rebuilt, my mother in law took care of midnight. Once they moved back to their new house and renters moved into mama's house Midnight ran away.

Shirla said...

I've never made Mama's chicken and dumplings in a crock pot before, I've actually never made any kind of chicken and dumplings in a crock pit before.
I would think any large pan would do since you don't have a dutch oven. I would also think you could make it in a crock pot, I'm just not sure when you would put the dumplings in to cook, maybe google it for the answer?

Anonymous said...

Awww I wished you would pull up here. I have five little kitties running around that need a home. their mom ran off and im afraid is dead she has been gone a month..they are under my feet and time I step out the door.
Hope you have a great Sunday,Brenda