Friday, October 17, 2008


I went to Home Depot this morning to get paint and supplies, I didnt know what color to get so I had to drive all the way back home and get a sample off the wall. Good thing my son punched a hole in the wall a few years ago. I was able to peel a piece off of that. I keep it covered with a calendar. After I was done there i went to the Goodwill, one that I had never been to before. it was huge. I bought my daughter some more clothes for church and myself some mens pajamas. After that I went to the Girl Scout store and bought my daughter her book and myself a sweater that says Girl Scout Volunteer.
I'm in a funky mean mood and wont answer my husbands calls. He is in Illinois visiting and drinking with his family and that irritates me. I keep asking Jesus to snap me out of this, but he hasn't answered yet. I tried spending money to feel better, but that didn't work. I will just clean my house. I'm making chicken quesidilas for dinner ( not sure if I spelled that right) and spanish rice. My daughter is going to a sleep over at church tonight. they are learning sbout missionarys in Africa. Tomorrow morning we have Girl Scouts. It's hard being alone so much.


Celticspirit said...

Hi Dana! It must be hard being alone...sometimes when I'm alone my mind just starts racing and I get anxious for no reason at all. I like to pray to the Angels when I get in a mood like this and eventually I get over it. Hope you have a good weekend. :)

T said...

Aw Dana,
I am sorry you are having a bad day. Hugs to you, and hang in there. Tomorrow is another day.

Celticspirit said...

I listed your blog on my blogroll. Hope that's ok with you.