Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy day

yummy deviled eggs with pimento (Paula Deens idea)
driving home, I am surrounded by mountains

cute dog clothes at Petsmart

cute snow suits for dogs that my husband won't let me buy:(

biscuit going to the vet, isn't he handsome

mia in the car on the way to vet

I just took my babies to the vet and will pick them up at 1:30, it's weird in the house when they are gone. I'm getting ready to go to the potluck with the elder ladies. I made deviled eggs for them. Tonight I have a management banquet/speaker meeting. Have a good day!!!


Peggy said...

I miss the mountains! William just left Oregon heading for Wisconsin. He was near Portland. He makes me jealous telling about the beautiful scenery he is driving thru.

Anonymous said...

I want those mountains! Gosh I love it so much.why did I get put here in Mississippi?
Oh,i'll take an egg too please mam.

Tonia said...

I like the mountains from a distance but the Ozark mountains are enough for me!! I like the hills and valleys and gullywashes!!! Of course the biggest mountains I have seen are the Smokies... Deviled eggs of any kind are a Big favorite here!!
Oh and one the freexer full of meat I understand. Its not something you do over night if you do it a little at a time it usually sticks better. Little changes... My girl's specialist is surprised they arent into full puberty do to the fact they have the thyroid problem because it affects that. But I have to give credit to our diet changes and certain vitamins... He said the longer the better. 8 isnt to bad though.. If you look at your salad dressings there is alot of soy bean oil in them.. My girls at one time dipped everything in Ranch!! LOL I started limiting that!! Ketchup is not to bad and tomatoes cooked are better for you.

Celticspirit said...

Yummm.....those eggs look good.

Cute doggies!