Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It is pronounced like this:

REESE, thats how my last name is pronounced. I just thought I would share that with you, incase you were saying it wrong:) My friend Brenda just started a new Etsy shop called " Gourmet From The Heart". She is selling dip mixes and a few other items, last night I purchased the soup and a dill dip mix, I love dill dip and the soup sounds very southern. If you want to check it out just click on Brenda's name under my friends list and then when you get to her site just click on the sidebar where it displays her store.
Today is late start for the kids, I think I will walk Avery today, I need the exercise. Tonight is the harvest party at church and Thursday and Friday the kids have no school due to parent/teacher conferences. Both mine are scheduled for Friday morning. Today I am going to call every place I can think of and provide them with my new address, then pack up the food pantry. I also want to go to Walmart. Justin will be home tomorrow. I dont even know how long he has been gone, I didnt count like I normaly do. I have been to busy.
My back is stiff again, I think I will go do some stretches. Have a nice day!!


T said...

You are always so busy. I hope you enjoy the Harvest party at your church tonight. That sounds fun!
Enjoy your day.

Juli said...

Hi :)

I've tried to contact you via Etsy and it doesn't seem to be going through and I wasn't sure if you would see it if I responded on the Herb blog. You can contact me at anytime if you have more questions :)

I think you must mean the RedMoon tea, and that would be the white willow bark, which is a bitter. You're more then welcome to print out the descriptions for the teas from Etsy and the ingredients are on the backs of the packages as well.

White Willow Bark is a mild pain and swelling reducer (analgesic and anti-inflammatory) and can cause a slight numbing feeling when applied directly (like chewing an aspirin).

If you have a care provider it's a good idea to discuss any medicinals you use including natural ones. Also, you can look up the individual ingredients as well.

Namaste :)