Thursday, October 9, 2008


I had a hectic morning, my husband needed me to find out the checking account number and since we decided not to order checks until we move, I did not know the number. But I had it on a piece of paper and I was franticly searching through papers I have piled in two spots around the house. I finally found it right in front of me on my desk. So after I took Avery to school I came home and organized my papers (somewhat).
Last night I went to bible study in the sanctuary at the church. On Sunday they announced that the church needed bus drvers to pick up the kids and assistant bus captains to keep the kids in line, so I decided to ride the bus to church with Avery just to see if it's something I want to commit to. The answer is NO. No way could I handle 50 talking, yelling kids and teens while trying to drive a bus. I will never take the bus again. I asked Pastor how he does it, he said he just tunes them out and explained that these kids come from rough homes and these few hours on wednesday and Sunday are the only good thing they get. Maybe I will pray about it and God will give me the patience to tolerate it:)
I'm going to the potluck social in a few minutes, I'm excited about going.
Oh, my son was fired from his job at Arby's last night. The manager told him they had to make cuts and he was not the hardest worker so he had to go. He's had a taste of what it feels like to earn money so that should motivate him to just go look for another little job.
I better get going, I dont want to be late. Have a great day!!


Shirla said...

Sorry to hear that your son was let go from his job. I hope he finds something soon.

Have a great time at the Potluck Social.

Shirla said...

I LOVE The Office! I actually love all the comedy's on the NBC Thursday night line up. I was in our new Target last night and at the Dollar Spot they had a bunch of The Office stuff, note pads, and office supplies and such. lol

We bought a new mattress over the summer. We got it at Costco. It's one of those foam mattresses and it is AMAZING! I cant imagine sleeping on a regular mattress again. We kept our old box springs and just put the foam mattress on top of it. This is the one we bought,(queen size):

Shirla said...

Grrr I sent send to fast. I wanted to say, with the beef stew if you don't want to do the thickening thing like I explained in my post you can do what I do when I'm lazy. Spoon some of the broth out of the stew, put it in a bowl and add a little flour to it, whisk until all lumps are gone, you might have to keep adding flour or the stew broth to get it thick. Once you have gotten it to the thickness you want add to the stew and stir, the stew should thicken up.

Celticspirit said...

I read your comment on Shirla's blog about your back hurting because of your mattress. I have a suggestion for you. Before we got the new mattress we have now we had a cruddy one that was not comfortable at all. I bought one of those memory foam things to put on top. It makes a big difference. They are a little pricy...maybe $60 or a little more but they really do work and they have them at Walmart. Hope your back feels better.

Shirla said...

I'm looking forward to the new show coming on NBC tonight, I love Molly Shannon, she was so funny on Saturday Night Live.

T said...

Aw, I am sorry about your son losing his job. I hope he finds a new one soon.

I hope you enjoyed your potluck social. It is always nice to get together with people with the same interests.

Kathi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your son losing his job, Dana. You are right about getting that taste of money.

Wow, I don't think I could ever be a bus driver.

I'm so happy you have your Bible study and potluck. Hugs, Kathi

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a great time.
You have to buy green peanuts in the produce section or produce stand. we had a long,but fun day.