Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yesterday' day

What does the inside of your purse look like? I opened my purse and this is the mess I saw. I must clean this today:)
It turned out to be another snow day so the kids had no school. Me and Ave went to the laundry mat then came home and checked the mail Build A Bear sent her a gift card for a free animal so we decided to go for it and drive to the mall so she could redeem her coupon. This is the parking lot at the mall. I grabbed Ave's arm and told her if Im going down you are going with me. It was very slippery. I know Im a loving mom:))) My mom called why were at the mall and said she e-mailed ave a $100 dollar gift card for Build A Bear so we went home printed the gift card and went back to the mall. Everything she bought has been put up til Christmas. Im irritated with Justin today. His stupid cigars arrived from Fedex last night and he wants to gripe at me for the way I put them in the humidor. It's not my habit or hobby why should I have to deal with it and I know the answer to that. Justin says because he pays me well. Im going to poke tiny holes in all the cigars:) Im just kidding, that would be evil;) Remember, Im curious as to what the inside of your purse looks like:)

Driving on the freeway, we were only going 30 mph and so was everyone else, it was icey

The laundry mat parking lot

She loves the Jonas Brothers

Avery folding a blanket

This is for 3 people for 1 week. A bit ridiculous if you ask me

I think I may have over done it again this year, I still have more in my closet. But this is for 6 people so maybe it's not so bad.


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Icy icky roads! Not fun!

I signed on for the cookie swap and it was great fun. We have more cookies than a family ever needs!!! And I want to do "our" baking too.

We do own our own trucking company. Daryl drives and I do all the dispatching for him. We both love it and it has worked well for us the past 2 years. We hope to continue with it for a long time.....well til the farming pays off. So may be a loonng time! LOL Owning your own is great til the "big" bills come along which we had one in Sept. But its all part of owning a business I guess.

DayPhoto said...

Those roads were a mess! We are driving on bad roads right now also. Seems this global warming thing has really created a horrible cold snap, most of the United States are in it.


Julieann said...

Your tree is gorgeous!!

Okay, first--to melt chocolate--I take a sauce pan and fill it with water when it starts to boil I turn it down so it is a small boil I get a bowl or pan and put that over it--kind of like a make shift double boiler--you have to keep a constant eye on this, so the chocolate does not burn--and keep stiring--and then when it is all melted turn the heat down to the lowest setting possible--to keep the chocolate spreadable.

To freeze those candy's I don't know--this is my first time making them--maybe freeze a couple and see how they turn out in a few days?? I am not that good with freezing advice--hopefully some one will know--Shirla???


DayPhoto said...

I dont believe in " global warming" i think it's just winter:))

I don't either I was making fun of those who do....we sure aren't warm.


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Blessed With 4 said...

Your tree is so pretty.

Oh I don't miss those icky roads. I miss the snow but not the cold that comes with it.

Have a wonderful day. Happy cookie making :)

Peggy said...

I'm coming to your house. You have snow, ice and presents!!! LOL

Shirla said...

Your tree is beautiful! Mine is up, it's a pre-lite tree so all it has on it is the lights. I cant get anyone to get my decorations out of the grin bin. Until they do my tree will remain nakid.

I'm not sure what kind of chocolate Julieann is talking about in the freezing part of her comment. Tell me more and maybe I can help you.

Sweet Nothings said...

My purse can definitely look like that at times! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left at my blog! I feel so welcomed by all of you ladies!

Sharon said...

Your tree and presents looks so beautiful! Your daughter is a cutie pie! Be careful on that ice.....brrr is right!

:0) Sharon