Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay, Iv'e had it with the snow:(

Whoever wants this snow please come take it!!! Another snow day today, no school. Today was my last day before Christmas break and it had to go and snow last night. It's pretty but it's also a real inconvenience. I went to Costco yesterday and bought a Christmas cake for the girl scout party tomorrow. It looks like that will be canceled. My friend Shirla spent alot of time yesterday typing me up her mama's red velvet cake so I could make it for Christmas. She was so sweet to do that for me and now it looks like I'm stuck with this other cake:((( We have three Christmas pageants at the church this weekend, Avery is singing in one of them and we have tickets to the Nutcracker ballet on Sunday night. I think the snow is going to cancel everything. Justin is now coming home on Monday:)) He is picking his brother up in Sacramento and also picking up Christmas presents from my parents and headed home. Right now he is stuck in Reno dealing with highway closures. I love the winter weather but just hold off until Tuesday, if anyone can make this happen for my I will be forever indebted to you:)))) I'm going to go ahead and rive to Walmart, I will just take the streets instead of the freeway, I have shopping to do. I need to get everything done before Monday. I'm so excited his brother will be sharing Christmas with us.
As for all this baking I want to do, it's dangerous. I eat everything I bake and that is not okay. I'm making 2 kinds of cookies and that is it, jam thumbprint cookies and something with chocolate, not sure yet. I hope girl scouts is not canceled, I really want to make this red velvet cake. Okay, Have a snowy Friday:))
PS. Justin says Thank You for all the Happy Birthday wishes!!
PSS. His student passed the test!! Yay, we got the bonus:))


It's Always Something Around Here said...

Ughhhh sorry about the snow messing everything up for you.

Good luck getting everything done.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

We got another dumping of snow last night! Suppose to have another storm move in this weekend. Its looking alot like Christmas thats for sure!!!

DayPhoto said...

We have snow and bitter cold. More on the way a series of snows they tell us! I AM READY FOR SPRING!


Shirla said...

Sorry about the snow messing up everything, but YAY about the bonus!

How about making the red velvet cake for New Years?

Peggy said...

I wish I could take your snow!! William is headed to Joplin, MO to load and then to Minnesota to deliver. Even he gets to play in the snow.... just not fair. LOL
Congrats on the bonus!!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Happy snow day from a Snowy Snow Day here also!
I think we are getting parts of the same storm
Fingers crossed that the girl scout thing goes ahead!
Make sure to take lots of pics of the Red Velvet Cake!
Have a great day

Shirla said...

I have the awards you gave me saved to my computer, I just haven't been able to add them to my photobucket and my blog. I haven't forgotten about them. :)

Celticspirit said...

Wow that cake you got at Costco is beautiful! I hope you get to have your gs party and make your red velvet cake.
That's neat that that your BIL is coming to spend Christmas with you. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas together.
Be careful driving.

Anonymous said...

You got to much of what you ask for hehe. I wished I had it and was snowed in. I would go to bed a snuggle with a fur babies and read.

Peggy said...

Thanks Dana! Have the calendar ready to go out in the mornings mail.

Celticspirit said...

BIL is brother in law

Shirla said...

In my opinion I wouldn't try to make the red velvet cake without sifting the flour combo three times like the recipe says. Do you have a Dollar Tree in your area? They sell sifters I think.