Monday, December 29, 2008

Dont you just love PMS

Ian with his g-friend Katie. She bought him the castle lego set. I bought him the pirates. Yes he is 4 months away from turning 17
I really like this picture

my red velvet cake with the frosting that I messed up on:( Im sorry Shirla. The cake tasted good, I scraped the icing that I ruined off and replaced with easy store bought

This is the cornbread I made for the cornbread stuffing. I threw it out:) and bought boxed cornbread mix

Justin and his brother. They had me go buy wood so they could stay warm outside

See the stocking on the wall, my cat tried and tried to get her catnip out of that stocking, she was cute

I made these on Christmas eve

I dont know about anyone else but I suffer severe PMS. I am mean and hateful and really feel like I cant control myself. Why dont e-mails have a , '5 minutes to think about what you wrote cancel button'. I expressed my opionion about a few things to the owner of the building. Now maybe he will not only fire me but evict us. I dont think I was rude but I probably just should have kept my mouth shut. Im sure things will be fine. I sent an apology. He wants me to take pictures of my backyard and post them with an ad of the upstairs vacancy on Craigs list. Apperently this backyard is supposed to be shared with top and bottom units. Who in the heck shares a backyard. It connects to my house, my back sliding glass door. He is crazy. I wont go on venting.

Justin is finally back to work:) We are in Christmas debt right now and he needs miles not no dumb load to Washington. Thats what they gave him. I think I will just share some pictures, I am in an ugly mood right now:)))


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Thanks for sharing your xmas pics!
PMS stinks!!!

The cheese loaf is SUPER easy to make.(And is absolutely delish!) Mix the filling. Cut the bowl. The hard part is finding the bread bowl itself. I find them at a local bakery. You wont be sorry....well til you cant fit in your jeans!!! LOL

Shirla said...

I get PMS too, Eat some chocolate. lol

Sorry the icing for the cake didn't turn out. The first time I made it I didn't let it turn into a pudding mixture so it was real runny almost like a glaze. lol

Blessed With 4 said...

Hello my sister in Christ....sorry you are having it rough. Thank you for sharing your christmas pictures. It is hard living in a place where the units share a yard. Been there and done that. When we lived up north in an apartment we rented several years back we had to share the backyard with 4 units. It was tough. Hopefully you will rent the top floor to someone you get along with or someone who won't use the back yard :)
Hope your day gets better.
Love, BJ

Anonymous said...

Sorry things have been hard. I sure know how that feels. Hope for a better 2009 =)

Sharon said...

I'm sorry you suffer from PMS. I get it too, but mine is random, so when it hits I am shocked and so is everyone in my family. I sink into and it's hard to get out! Hopefully your landlord won't take the email so hard. YOur Christmas looks really fun. I love all your home baked goods. That red cake is awesome! I would like the recipe!

Happy new year!