Sunday, December 7, 2008


Im so sleepy today:) After church I came home and put my ribs in the oven and started to make a potato salad then I rested for a bit. Im still very sleepy. Yesterday at the parade we walked for 2 miles and it took an hour and a half. It wasnt for me I didn't like the hundreds of people that lined the streets staring at me. Atleast I felt as though I was being stared at, Im sure I wasnt but none the less i didnt like it:) Mt little cat was accidently locked out all night and when I woke I heard her meowing at the door, the poor thing ran straight to her cat box and peed for the longest time. She didn't realize that she could pee outside and she held it all night. What a little lady! We are going back to the church this evening for evening worship and a Christmas cookie social:) Im tired and wouil rather stay in but Ave has her heart set on going. I need to finish my potato salad and do the dishes in the sink. I hope you all had a restful Sunday:) God Bless:)))
Oh, it's finally raining:)


Anonymous said...

I worked a double today and all I want to do is get in bed. I have so much to get done. im just not in the Christmas spirit and I hate making myself do. i have never been like this.

Julieann said...

AWWW, I am so sorry you are tired, I wish I lived closer to help you. You are such a good mama to go to the cookie social for your daughter, even when you are so tired.

Julieann xox

T said...

I bet your daughter is very thankful that you took her to the cookie social, even if you were tired.

I'm tired too, but I have been cleaning and doing yard work all day.

Regarding dancing with dogs. No, I didn't watch it, I don't watch much tv, but here is a little tidbit for you. It is called Canine Freestyle, and when I had my Newfoundland dog, I did this with him.:))

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey MrsRuiz

Funny you said finally raining, I said finally snowing today in my blog! Funny when we come from different parts of the country where we wish for.

Celticspirit said...

It sounds like you still accomplished a lot even though you were tired. I hope your church event went well.

Awww your poor little kitty....I can't believe she held it all night. Poor thing. :(

April Russell said...

oh yes girl it is so good! You need to go!