Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Snow:(((

I bought these items at the grocery store (Safeway) yesterday, these are wooden they came in a set of four, I had no more room on my tree for heavy ornaments so I tacked them to the wall, I paid $2.25 I paid $2.50 for the santa, he just sit's on the edge of a table or mantle and the nutcrackers came in a set of six they are also wooden, I paid $2.25. They have more Christmas stuff on clearance but I ran out of money:(( It will be marked lower this week:)

I didn't even snow last night, they could have went camping and they would have been fine. I know they were only going by what the weather man had to say. Oh well, there is no point in being bummed out about it:) Yesterday after the phone call that canceled the trip, Avery pulled an invitation to a schoolmates birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, so I hurried to buy a gift and took her to the party. While she was at the party I went to the dollar movies and saw Changeling with Angelina Jolie, excellent movie. I will have to rent it when it goes to dvd because I didn't get to see the end of it. I also tried to make those haystack butterscotch cookies but burned the butterscotch chips in the microwave trying to melt them. Justin has me check the roads he will be driving on by going to, he does this during the winter so he knows if a chain requirement is coming up. I like helping him. Only ten more days until he comes home then he will be here for 6 days:))) we will be going to church then coming home and I will make choc. chip cookies. The other day I was reading some posts that were new to me and I clicked on someones but dont know who's it was. it was about a cookie swap and it was a cookie recipe from a cake mix, if anyone has seen this post can you direct me to where it was. Im sure I found it from one of your guy's comments. I really want that recipe:)) I bought some teryaki turkey tenderloins and we will have that for dinner. Did anyone watch " It's a Wonderful Life" last night? I love that movie, I watched another good movie yesterday it's called "Xmas in Connecticut" with Barbara Stanwyck (1946), I believe. i love to watch classic black and whites.

have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl I wonder if the weather men know what they are talking about. At least it shows God is still in control =) we got more than what they said,but it didn't stay.

Celticspirit said...

Very cute Christmas decorations and at a bargain price too! Sorry to hear you had to miss out on the camping trip and it didn't even snow. It sounds like you found plenty of other things to fill in your time. Hope you have a good day.

T said...

Those are really cute ornaments. Great bargain!

Sharon said...

What cute ornaments! I like how you hung them on the wall. I love that movie Christmas in Connecticut, it is so cute. It looks like Oregon got more snow today!

Hugs, Sharon

Blessed With 4 said...

Congratulations on your great deal. I think the decorations are very cute.