Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ouch! My neck hurts:(

I must have slept wrong with all these animals hogging the bed. I woke up with a very stiff neck. Only on the left side and the left side of my back. I cant even turn to the left without a lot of pain.I have tried sretching it but it is uncomfortable. I need a heat pad or maybe ice, I don't know. Oh well:) I picked up Justin at about 7 this morning. He can only stay until 8 this evening then he has to leave. I have to go do his laundry then come home and make him spaghetti. i baked him banana bread last night. I hope everyones Wednesday is a good one:):)


Peggy said...

yes, just pour it all together and let it simmer. I don't cook it fast as the taste doesn't have a chance to blend. You can add salt and pepper to taste if you like.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh the girl and I are on the way for Banana Bread. I made some pumpkin cake and she was so excited because she thought it was banana bread. Needless to say she was heart broken until the next day when I made her the real thing. :o)
Hope you had a good wed

Kathi said...

Oh you poor dear. I am sorry about your neck. Please take care. As long as you have no fever, I think it's okay. Hugs, Kathi