Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I forgot my camera:((

We drove a few miles out into the country, it was beautiful. Can you believe yesterday was December 1st

This is the farm dog her nam is "Blondie" and she followed everywhere, she was cute

Ian on the tractor with the tree he cut down

I let my kids decorate the tree, I think it's lovely:)

Can you believe that, I forgot my camera when we went to the Christmas tree farm yesterday:((( All I had was my cell phone camera and the battery was beeping getting ready to die. The one thing that I didn't get a picture of was the very old barn that was turned into a beautiful gift shop. It was so pretty inside, all decorated with a huge Christmas tree and the lady makes wreaths and she had books and jellys and ornaments. Outside they had goats and pigs and turkeys. We went on a tractor ride out to cut our tree. We normally go with a Noble but this year the lady showed us a cross breed between a Noble and another Fir we cant remember the names:(( . Our tree is smaller than we normally get. My son picked it out and he cut it. We also each picked out an ormament. We spent $51.00 and I was pleased with that, it was a nice experience. They also sale beef. So I might order me a beef package sfter Christmas. The cows are only fed silage, alfalfa, grass hay along with textured grain mix. They dont get antibiotics, hormone implants or animal by-products. It sounds good to me:)

Justin will be here tomorrow so I must power clean the house. That means clean, clean the house:)) Have a blessed day:)


Shirla said...

I love your tree and the pics are great!
We had a real tree one year and ended up taking it down and putting up the artificial one. I was so scared it would catch fire.

Peggy said...

I am cleaning too. William will be home in the morning. Then we leave for TN Thursday evening... wahoooooo

T said...

Nice fun pictures. The tree is very pretty.
It must be a lot of fun going and chopping your own tree.:)

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I love your tree!!

We went and cut ours down this weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Girl your last post sounds like me with no where to put my feet. I do only have three pets in bed,but im sure if Brian were gone 26 days id have a inside farm hehe. Your tree is so pretty. i bet it smells great too.

Sharon said...

Don't you hate it when you forget your camera! I just hate that! I'm glad you had your cell cam. What a neat place you went to! Your tree is goregous! Hey, I'm proud of you for doing your first Black Friday! It sounds like you did a great job!

Hugs, Sharon