Tuesday, December 23, 2008

some more pictures from Sunday

Avery waiting to go sing

it is a blurry picture Ave is on the end

We had really good seats, right on the main floor row Q

I have been busy cleaning, cooking, baking and feeding my family. I will post more later. Picking up Justin yesterday was quite an adventure. Have fun enjoying your families:)))


Sweet Nothings said...

Looks like your day was pretty eventful! Hope you had a good time! Did Avery have fun singing in the Christmas pageant?

Blessed With 4 said...

Looks like fun. Enjoy the time with your husband.

Sweet Nothings said...

You're so sweet! Thank you. It's really God that has made me the woman I am today. I'll be praying that your daughter chooses to follow Him as she continues to grow! I think having her involved in your church is so great!

Take Care and have a Merry Christmas!

Peggy said...

Enjoy having hubby home for Christmas. Looks like you have been staying busy.

Celticspirit said...

Avery looks very nice and happy in her Angel dress. :)Did you make it for her?