Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay, now i miss him:(

I know I just saw him a week ago but it was only for 12 hours. 4 weeks had past and I got only 12 hours:( I have until December 24th til I see him again. I miss him. Sometimes just out of no where a sudden feeling of sadness and lonliness comes over me and I know Im just missing my Justin. I snuck a bible in his bag and he has been reading it every night. Praise Jesus. I know he believes in God but I want him to have a personal relationship with him like I am learning to do:) I know reading the word is a step in the right direction.
I kept myself busy yesterday. I went upstairs and did some touch up painting, I went to the hardware store and bought some new "For Rent" signs and put my number on the new signs and replaced the old signs with the new ones. I pulled out the lawn mower and attempted to mow the grass but I could not get it started so Justin will have to look at that when he comes home. My son helped me and that was nice. We rarely get anytime for just the two of us.
Katie's ( My sons girlfriend) , her mom is a cardiac nurse and on the side has started selling for this company called Advocare. They sale weight loss, herbal cleansing, skin, and energy boosting products. I talked with her last night on the phone about the best program for me so she put together a plan to fit what I want and what I can afford and she will be here this morning at 10am to give me some samples. I need a weight loss boost. Justin said he would only agree to pay the $114 a month if I stop eating cookies like I do:( So I think after Christmas I will start the program and stop the baking:) Im going to give it three months and if I see no improvement I will stop. I walked Ave to school this morning and will continue to do so. I quit smoking a few months ago and instantly put on ten pounds. I think my taste buds came to life:) Im excited and I hope it works:)
Have a wonderful Wednesday Ladies:))


The Mind of a Mom said...

Congrads on the stopping of the smoking! It is natural for woman to gain weight as we get near and past that rotten four oh number! It's mother natures final way of laughing at us! I feel bad for you missing Jason. He will be back soon, hang in there :o)

Blessed With 4 said...

Congrats on stopping smoking. I pray that your time away from your husband will go quickly.
A Household Notebook holds your family's important papers, Master Schedule, It can hold your to do list, etc. all in one place. Here are a few links for you. I have a household notebook but my to do list I have in a visual journal. I have my to do list and anything I want to jot down that happens during the day. Scripture that comes to mind at a certain moment etc. That way I can pass it onto my girls :)
You can also google household notebook or home management notebook.
I got my visual journal idea from here and here
This is really fun to do and it is fun to look back over time and see what has happened and what God has done in your life.
I hope this helps.

T said...

Hi Dana,
Hang in there, you only have 2 weeks, time will pass by fast for you. I know how you feel though, so just stay strong.

Thanks for the award, now did you notice it ONLY took me 3 weeks to finally accept the last one from Shirla? LOL, I promise I won't take as long this time. Thank you.

Regarding the kittens, yes those were all babies, different litters, are feral kittens trapped awhile back. They are all grown now and have been adopted into nice families.

Yes, when dogs tilt their heads when you talk to them or they hear different noises, isn't it cute? They are just processing the sounds, and sometimes recognizing familiar words, as if they are trying to understand.:)

April Russell said...

Oh well congrats! I quit not to long ago also! It can be hard. Nursing school got me started! As for the hair thing, no it doesn't have to be thick. You just have to make sure you comb over as much as possible! As far as PF Changs, that's crazzzzy! let me know!

Anonymous said...

im sorry you are missing Justin. Brian has been gone most of two weeks,but I have enjoyed the time with Kaytlynn.
I know this is all the time for you.
Right now just have fun with all the things going on for Christmas.
I have to shed some pounds too. What is the product?