Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brrrrrrrrr, It's cold!!!!!!

It is 11 degrees outside!! Thats cold. This is the coldest I have experienced here in Oregon and anywhere for that matter. I think it was in Wyoming the last time I felt 11 degrees. Poor Justin had a flat tire last night and didn't get to bed until 2:30 am. He doesn't even have a hat for his head:(( He has requested one for Christmas so I need to go buy him one. I bet he was freezing last night:( This is the season I worry most about him and his safety. It's harder now that he has a student, Justins life is pretty much in that students hands when he is driving and that worries me. Im glad Justin took the wheel yesterday. I will be happy in 8 days when he is home and safe:)))) The roads still have frozen snow but my laundry cant wait another day. I will just take the back roads to the laundry mat. Bible study was canceled last night due to the weather and the roads. The snow is supposed to be back tomorrow lasting until Sunday or Monday, it changes daily. The kids had fun yesterday. They put their snow suits on and went to look for a hill to sled down. Now dont laugh but thye were creative, we dont have sleds so my son took the wheels off a skateboard and Ave used the lid to a plastic storage tub:(( They toted their " sleds" and hiked to a hill. I will buy them a sled on Christmas Eve when I finish some last minute shopping. I decided to drive across the street to the store, let me say that the street I have to cross is a 4 lane busy main street. The roads were slippery and I braked at the red light but continued to slide past the crosswalk:( Justin told me to put it in 4 Hi so I did and I made it to and fro safely:))) I love him and miss him:) I have just been informed that the schools have a 2 hour delay this morning. I guess that means take her at 10:30 instead of 8:30. That messes up my day. I have a possible tenant coming by at noon and really wanted to do laundry before that appt. She is a 19 year old full time student with a baby. I guess my plans just changed:) Oh well.
Stay warm today:)))


Blessed With 4 said...

That was a great idea your kids came up with to sled. Good for them!
I am glad that you made it to the store and back safely.
It shouldn't be long Justin will be home.
My 3 year old laughs everytime your blog comes up at the cats in your sidebar. They are cute with their antlers.
I will be glad to send you some of our weather....Thursday 71 and Friday will be 75. Today 62.
Have a great day and I hope it warms up for you.
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Celticspirit said...

It's just as cold here. Our outside thermometer reads 10 degrees at this time. Justin should by a knit hat at the truckstop. I'm sure they have them and it's better than freezing.

Can you not put a washer and dryer in your apartment?

T said...

The kids did great with their sled. Super idea, and am glad the enjoyed the snow. BRRRR, too cold for me.

Anonymous said...

I do crate when im at work. I think they get mad at me. Yes the little one is my puppy. The Bichon is less than two.
I will do something.

Celticspirit said...

Naaahhh....there was no way that I'd make all that stuff, not all at once anyhow. I have made truffles before that look just like the one in the first picture and they are good. I thought about making the cookies in the pics that look like chocolate covered oreos. Maybe I'll make some for Christmas and put sprinkles on them.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Very creative work with the sleds!!! this cold is something isnt it. My hubs truck wouldnt budge yet so we fired up the other one. What a day but he made his appt and right on schedule. Weather pending he should be home tomorrow.