Saturday, September 20, 2008

The worst day ever

So Im in the church where we hold girlscouts because today was our first meeting for the new year, and it ended at 12 noon I came out the church door pushed the unlock on my alarm (my 500 dollar alarm) and opened the door and noticed shattered glass everywhere. It took about 5 seconds to realize what happened and then it hit me, " oh s#@t my purse was in the truck and it's gone. Im so mad at myself right now for leaving my purse in the truck not only that but I keep my spare truck key in my purse along with the extra alarm button key chain, so not only does the thief have all my important info, social security numbers, bank cards, check books, I.D., my address he now has my truck key so he can come take my truck. What a mess!! My husband is ofcourse in Illinois and he is mad and yelling because it wasn't smart to keep the spare key in my purse( I thought it was), so I called my dad crying because this has never happened to me and I didn't know what to do, Thank God for some of the parents that stuck around to help me and to my dad for wiring me 300 dollars to get a new window and gas, my tank was on empty and I was going to get gas after the meeting but my purse was stolen. So I made the police report and My husband called the alarm place to get our alarm reprogramed and cancel the other alarm key thing. Then I went and bought the "club" for the steering wheel and the glass people cant come out until Tuesday. So all bank cards, checkbooks etc. have been cancelled. What a pain in the butt. Now I have to find who I report stolen S.S.N. numbers to avoid identity theft, and monday go get a new D.L.. And I'm asking what did I do to deseve this.


T said...

Oh dear, I am so very very sorry. This is all just awful. I am glad your husband was able to make some calls for you, and and your dad was able to help.

Don't be upset with yourself. It is done and over with, now just concentrate on getting everything canceled and replaced.

Please stay safe. You did not do anything to deserve this. The person who did this is to blame, not you.

Take care, {{hugs}}

T said...

Oh, I do care. I have read all of your posts and I understand how you are feeling right now. All of your feelings are normal. I don't want you to beat yourself up over this though. All you can do now, is what you have done already. Stay strong, do not let this person cause you to regress in all the hard work you went through to overcome your fears, you are beyond that now, don't let this person take that away from you.

Shirla said...

I'm so sorry to hear this.{{{hugs}}} Please don't be upset with yourself.
It makes me so mad when hard working people work for everything they have and some one comes along and destroys our property and steals our stuff. Take care sweetie. My email is open anytime, email me if you need to vent, talk yell, dry or whatever.

Shirla said...

Well i meant cry, not dry. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

oh im so sorry.Gosh Im glad I don't live so I have to worry like that. You had an alarm...I would have locked my purse in there too.You didn't do anything. We just live in a cruel world. Hope all turns out well.
Brenda, (hugs)

Kathi said...

Mrs. Ruiz, I am so very sorry. This is a nightmare. I am so glad your dad was able to help you. You must have felt so alone. You certainly didn't deserve this. We live in a world side by side evil people. Thank goodness there are so many kind and loving people around like those other parents.

I will pray that you can get through this and get everything back in order again. It is a huge hassle to get all the cards replaced and passwords etc. I am truly sorry.

Not to trivialize your situation what so ever, but I want to just share what I think. We live in a fallen world. It is wired for things to go wrong. Every time something goes wrong in my life, I have just realized it's an opportunity for my faith to grow. I have a choice, I can depend on myself to fix the problem or cry out to God for His help. If I pray to God for His help it's an opportunity for my faith to grow, which is worth more than gold to God.

Lately, when I ask the Lord for something like a need or or a deep desire I have this is what often happens. The Lord answers that prayer with an unrelated problem. The problem has nothing to do with what I asked for, but by leaning into God during this problem, I find that God not only helps me through the problem, the unrelated thing I asked for in prayer is answered through that new problem. It happens so often to me now, that I am going to start documenting them.

I hope this helps in some small way. You are precious to the Lord. He will walk along side you and help you through this. Trust Him because He is faithful. Hugs, Kathi

Elizabeth said...

That's crazy. How big is the church parking lot? Nobody heard or saw anything? Yesterday Julia had girlscouts and we meet in a church too. I left my purse in my car unlocked when I went in to get her, but our parking lot is so small that I parked right infront of the door she was in. Do you have insurance? You could possibly file a claim with them. Since the crook has your key and your address they could find you and take the truck. Insurance may pay for your whole truck to have new locks installed and pay for the window replacement. Worth looking into. Just keep it in perspective. Nobody was hurt.