Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Iv'e been busy this morning, after I took Avery to school I came home and did some cleaning then went to the car wash and washed my car, vacumed, cleaned windows and detailed the inside, now she's pretty again. After that I went to Jerrys', thats a home improvement store. I had to get a spare key made because I left yesterday to pick up my daughter from school and I locked the door and shut it without grabbing my keys so I had to walk as fast as I could to get her then called my landlord and he let me in. Now I will keep a key hidden outside. After having my key made I went to Walmart to get a few odds and ends, I looked for moon pies but they didn't have them. On my way back home I stopped at a sandwich shop to get my favorite, it's a smoked turkey with avocado, cranberry sauce, cream cheese and arugula on a croissant. It's so so good. I should have stopped for gas but I'm going to wait one more day, yesterday it was 3.41 I know tomorrow it will be cheaper. I'm going to make chili and corn bread for dinner, maybe tomorrow I will take Avery to Splash. She has been asking for a week now. Splash is an indoor water park with a wave pool and a slide. She likes it, I just sit and watch I'm not much of a water person. Have a wonderful evening ladies!!!!!


Shirla said...

Have fun at the water park! Sounds like a neat place.

Kathi said...

That sounds like such a great day, except for the key problem. That sandwich sounds so tasty. Have a great weekend. Kathi ps you are lucky to have they skin type you have. You will have few wrinkles than the rest of us. People with dry skin end up with way more wrinkles. I think I'm in the middle between oily and dry.

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry you couldn't find the pies.Yrt the Dollar store or a Freds if you have them were you live.