Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last night I slept for eleven hours! Can you believe that? I guess my body was tired and needed it. I took my hubby back to work yesterday:(:( I always feel sad for a few days after he leaves. I slept with his shirt last night because it smeels like his cologne. Isn't that silly.
We attended church this morning and that was a pleasure. I really enjoy this church, I feel very welcomed, the people are great. It is an Assembly of God church and I guess they are called , Pentcostal (did I spell that right?) and now so am I.
I called my parents this morning and mentioned how I need some nice clothes for church and hinted that I have a birthday coming up. My mom just called me a few minutes ago and told me to go shopping on-line and she would pay for it. Isn't that nice. I have great parents that have loved me unconditionally. They have always stuck by me no matter how bad I let my life get at times, they knew I would get it right one day. And I did:)
My daughter just informed me that the cats brought home a dead mouse so i have to go pick it up, she said that it's to upseting for her to pick up. Have a great day!! And thanks for taking time to read about my life:)

I just added a few pictures. The first one is my daughter Avery, Katie (sons girlfriend) and Haley, my daughters friend. they did glamour makeovers last night. Next is a picture of "George", inspired from Julieann's post, and we decorated a little bit.


Shirla said...

It's not silly that you slept with your husbands shirt last night, it is actually very sweet.

Congrats on getting George! :) I think my two cat's are scared of Wanda, they wont go to the side of the porch that she is on, they just look at her like she is a monster or something. lol

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with you sleeping with his shirt. Sometimes I wish I missed mine enough to do that.I finally feel a break when I get alone.
Im so happy you enjoyed church and that your mom is going to let you go .
you and the kids would love a good festival.Such family fun.

Shirla said...

George is so cute! I love the way you have everything decorated.
Avery is darling.

I'm glad you liked the quiche. I've used Total cereal before when I was out of cornflakes and my Mama has made it with out either, she said it was still good without it.

Anonymous said...

Im glad I found George I have been all over these post hearing about him. I have a little girl scarecrow on my porch we never named her.

Mimi said...

Hi Mrs Ruiz.
thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you come to visit with me again...
I know how nervous you can get when your husband works out of I will put you on my prayer journal and remember you in my prayers..
have a blessed week,

troutbirder said...

Thanks for the kind words by visiting my blog. I hope to tell fun and interesting things for people to enjoy and even get a laugh. Baron and I like that!
p.s. my cousin moved from Seatle to Portland and likes it much much better.

Anonymous said...

We don't have them here. I have never been in one.

Shirla said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Carter and the kind words. Sometimes I cant believe I am a grandmaw. :)

Sharon said...

Oh, it is so sweet that you slept in your hubby's shirt. That makes me want to cry. YOu sound like a wonderful wife and mother. I like all your fall decoartions, they look wonderful. You have beautiful girls too!

Hugs, Sharon

Julieann said...

Mrs. Ruiz--I did come by the other day and looked at George:) Sometimes my mind is scattered, I thought I left a comment...I must have had to get up. Anyway, I love George and his name:)

When my husband used to travel. I would wear his shirts too:)