Monday, September 15, 2008

My son is a Junior in highschool this year and is taking a government class. I knew that because of the city we live in teachers would be teaching their liberal views. I dont think they should teach their own opinions. My son just told me that his teacher supports Obama and bad mouths McCain. I think they should teach like Fox news, Fair and Balanced. I will be speaking to this teacher on Thursday during back to school night.


Kathi said...

This is so true of what goes on. You are a good mother. Have a great day. Kathi

Anonymous said...

I would go to the school!If we can't pray and take our Bibles they need to teach and not voice what they think. Here is a chance for yo to STAND!just as I have been speaking of.
Jst like that child at school that got a bad grade in art because he drew a cross,but the teacher could have a Buddha in the room. OH NO I'll fight till my dieing breath.