Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have cramps and I'm tired and I just want to drink chocolate milk. I took my daughter to the doctors this morning for a check up and she weighs 60 pounds and is 4ft tall. She is growing fast. She used to be so petite and always below average according to the "charts". She had to have blood work and that upsets her so I just let her stay home from school. We came home I made us bacon and eggs and then took a nap. Tonight for dinner I will make chicken noodle casserole, last night I just opened a box and that was dinner. I keep a few of those in the house for days like this when I dont want to cook.
I am graeful that i live in a country where my children recieve a free education. I am going to talk to my son's teacher about being unbiased when teaching. My sister says she has the right to free speech and should be able to express her views during a politcal year. Maybe she is right. I will get a copy of the curriculum so atleast I know what I have to fix when he comes home. this is all I'm going to say about this. I dont want my posts to be about politics. have a blessed day.


Shirla said...

Hope you feel better soon. Can you share the chicken noodle casserole recipe when your feeling better, it sounds like something my family would like.

Anonymous said...

I hope your day got better. My hubby is taking the bosses from Houston out tonight so I don't know if I'll even eat. Wish I had some of yours =)

Kathi said...

Mrs.Ruiz, I hope you feel better soon. I like your bumber sticker.

I remember being in 4th grade and hearing my teacher go on and on about how Bobby Kennedy was to be our next president. She was so excited. I remember how sad it was when he was killed. I remember the teacher crying and saying how scared she was. I remember feeling hopeless. My parents helped me not to feel that way. Those were dark times.

I don't like it that the teacher, who has a great deal of power over her students, can use that power to manipulate the minds of her students. Being a teacher gives one great power and authority at a young age for the student. Being a parent gives one even greater power. We must not forget that. Teachers were excecuting great power way back then; we just did not realize it. I don't remember how my parents were voting at the time, but just to think back on how she told us matter of factly that, "He will be our new president." Wow, and we all believed her until he sadly died.

It's a sad fact that there is bias out there. I think just remaining close to your son and speaking gently about the different views and what is at stake (rights of the unborn) being one of them, may help. Bless you. You are a great mother. Kathi

T said...

I hope you feel better soon. If you are anything like me, I never have time to feel sick, always on the go, and people to take care of.:)

Your dinner sounds good. I am with shirla, I would LOVE the recipe.

Shirla said...

Thank you so much for the recipe. I don't care for tuna casserole, so this sounds right up my alley.

Elizabeth said...

Lily went to the doctor's today and she weights 24lbs. That's funny that Avery is only 16lbs heavier. I don't know if it's Ian's teacher's first amendment right to talk about her political beliefs in a classroom, but I just think people are human and what they believe is such a part of them that it naturally comes out. I had tons of teachers in highschool talk about where they stand on issues. If Ellie and Julia had a teacher that was saying abortion should be illegal because it's murder I guess I'd be a little pissed, but aren't they going to be exposed to those ideas eventually anyway? What exactly was Ian's teacher saying about McCain or Obama? Those bitches at the Palin website are fucking nuts Dana. Don't align yourself with them. They are complete idiots. I seriously think most of them just hate Obama because he's black. They have a blind love for Palin. Your dinner sounds disgusting by the way. Ha Ha Ha. That comment from Kathy about how hearing her teacher "go on and on" after Bobby Kennedy was assasinated. The poor lady was having a breakdown. Was it okay for a teacher to cry when 911 happened, even if her students saw her? I think you all should relax a little here. Your kids won't walk away members of the communist party because of what one teacher says. Raise your children with the beliefs that are yours and don't worry that a teacher is going to express her views at some point during your child's education. At somepoint, your child will come to their own conclusion based on what they were raised to believe and then based on what others in this society have believe. That's the beauty of existence. We will all develop into the people we were meant to be. Obviously Kathi wasn't too impressed with her teacher's beliefs or behaviors because she looks back on it with almost disgust at how that teacher acted when her hero was assasinated after having watched JFK and MLK be shot down in the same way. Kids do pick up on the sadness of others, but that helps them frame the situation in their minds. Kathi's lucky she had parents who were there for her to help frame the events in a way that made her feel hopefully, less scared. That's the way it should work. And by the way, your dinner sounds gross, so don't bother sending me that recipe. Ha Ha Ha